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Sunday School September 3rd 2023

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    Good to see Stuckey’s is still around, even if the closest one is no longer local to me. Mail order still brings it to the world, though, and that is a comforting thought.




    Sorry to see you feel that way, and “feel” is the operative term.

    Perhaps I do come at this from a place of bias because as of yesterday, my Half-Sister now has a new kidney, a win for both Rational, Scientific Medicine and private, voluntary charity.

    This would have been inconceivable at the beginning of the Twentieth Century and not fully implementable until 69 years ago. Now it is fairly common and is done with immuno-suppressants and antibiotics for a long-term solution.

    While all waiting lists for organs are too long and my Half-Sister waited long for hers, the option at least exists and it saves lives.

    And if organ donors are one day set free to accept payment for their donations and/or if there are no restrictions on vat-grown organs from stem cells, those waiting lists for organs will be down to zero!

    I would have donated a kidney to my Half-Sister myself, but my Type 2 Diabetes and past medical regimen put my own kidneys at risk and with Rhabdomyolysis, my kidneys just recently dodged a bullet themselves. In place of that, I both donate items to and shop at the Value Village Thrift Store, who benefits National Kidney Services, so that her and all kidney patients can have have a chance at a better life.

    We can always discuss ways to help the less-fortunate another time. Just know there are more and better options than you think.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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