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The big red atheist button

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    Davyd R Ondrejko

    People would look at sacred buildings and percieve them just as we do now with Roman and Greek Ruins or the Pyramids or Mayan temples.

    Yet We are aware that those buildings were built by, for the most part, theists of some flavour or another.  If I don’t remember ever being a theist and nobody else remembers ever being a theist but there are clearly buildings build in the last few decades that express a belief in a god — and perhaps more importantly records of , say, televangelists or prominent politicians expressing theistic views — how would those be explained?

    Sorry, just musing on what I consider to be a very interesting idea that I’m sorry I missed.  And thinking that that this concept could make for some very interesting science fiction.  Don’t worry, davis, I’ll credit your idea as the inspiration when I get published. 🙂



    Indeed. We will, unfortunately, remain totally in the dark and swim in purposeful speculation, until someone invents that big red button. Will it happen in our lifetime?


    Davyd R Ondrejko

    Will it happen in our lifetime?

    Hopefully not.  I agree with many of the posts in the original conversation that expressed the opinion that such a button should not be used. I agree with that opinion in principle, though I think that its use on certain US political leaders could be tempting.





    tom sarbeck

    1. I live in earthquake country (California) where people are accustomed to occasional sudden movements.

    2. Pushing the button would deprive theists of their security blanket and they would be too frightened to launch crime waves.

    I would push the damn button.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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