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I am that I am; The Unified Self,
There is no Separation; All is One,
There is no Time; All is Now,
There is no Repetition; All is Unique,
There is no End; All is Infinite,
There is Love; Relax, Revel, Rejoice!

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I found myself defending the Atheist position and prosecuting the Theist position by 13 years old. Thanks to my love of computers and technology, I found Nikola Tesla and delved into scientific and mathematical truths. As I became more appreciative of the human condition, I reviewed the most common philosophies and continued on toward the lesser known.
As I saw the common themes from cultures across the world, I improved my conception of history regarding evolution, skill and technology development, morality and the pursuit of wellbeing, happiness and fulfillment.

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Never truly believed in my mother’s religion and my father is as much an atheist as he could be while living with my mother (after divorce, he adopted the term).