Martin lambert

  • I have never heard any mention of the divine God that watches over us lol say anything about rape or paedophilia surely that would of bin important to tell one of his prophets or is he a rapest peado himself surely, religion is stupid and bullshit but the fact people are so strong about it makes me laugh and cry simultaneously

  • To do or not to do to make any decision are sence of morality are plans are aspirations are future areall based on what we’ve learnt and what instincts are passed on threw are gene’s and how we now perceive our environment in the moment we can only make rational decisions if emotion has littleno involvement and must understand why this decision…[Read more]

  • If you were told you buy 1 you get 1 free you would understand it wasn’t becouse you must by the first thing if you were told you were free but couldn’t do something you wanted or believed in you would understand you wasnt free as a person. nothing is free because everything costs something . free will ?????? People are asking for evidence to…[Read more]

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