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    The Magic of Science

    Atheists/Leftists constantly scream that they are “scientific” and “rational” and anyone of religious faith is maliciously attacked for believing in a “man with a beard who performs magic.”

    In point of fact, science is equivalent to magic, if any atheist/Leftist would think about it and knew what he was talking about.

    1. All matter on earth is composed of electrons, protons and neutrons and electrons compose the outer layer. They are both particles and waves. Magic.
    The electrons never stop moving. Magic. They form the hard shell of steel, diamonds, and everything we know ant touch. Magic.

    2. Wood is “bidegradable” but can last 400,000 years intact. See Shonigan Spears.
    Wood is made from air and water. Magic. Try making something as durable as wood from air and water in your *science* lab. You can’t. You cannot do the simplest “magic.”
    3. The electromagnetic spectrum is an essential part of every second of our lives. We see by it. How does it work? Magic. Can you fabricate something like electromagnetic radiation of the wavelength of your choice, using only tools from your garage? ha ha ha ha ha

    We see and hear over 12 to 14 orders of magnitude in intensity. Magic.
    Our optic nerves transmit information at 4 gigabaud per second and our ears perform Fourier Analysis on all sounds we hear. Magic.

    “Spectroscopic analysis is a remarkable technique, almost magic. It amazes me still.” – Carl Sagan, from one of his books I have read and critiqued

    Any time a person of religious faith says something like this, Leftists/atheist always cackle and condescend to say “the argument from incredulity” nor realizing that they are using the argument from condescending snark.

    • I agree with your point that the natural world seems miraculous. I’m sure that we atheists can agree on there being a naturalistic, non-supernatural explanation for the wonders you describe.
        • Why don’t you do just that instead of simply blathering? Explain all of those miracles, who designed them and how they operate. Use scientific terms to explain steel being 99.99999% empty space.
          How’d that work out from nothingness, and who gave the physical constants their profoundly precise and essential values? (Your only answer is necessarily “nobody.”) More magic, as you call it. From nothing.

          Listen to John Lennox on YouTube in his lecture “A Matter of Gravity.”
          That is science that you find very distasteful.

          • I’d say those things are mysteries rather than magic. We don’t fully understand how they come about. But the asserted facts don’t contradict each other, suggesting that science paints a picture of reality (from a certain perspective). Religion paints a picture of the world, from a different perspective.
          • John, you should probably find another atheist website to troll. Your posts are the snarkiest shit I’ve seen here in a long time.
              • ALL ATHEIST MESSAGE BOARD ARE THE SAME! You people never change. You never debate. “Why did you come here?” To display your arguments and tear them to shreds, in

                All you can do is run from it. Not ONE counter, not one quotation and response to it. That’s because you have never encountered someone who has examined your mendacity and condescension and thrown it in your faces. I’m completely outnumbered as usual, and the best you have is “wah, wah, wah, you’re stupid and your website is shit. Why don’t you debate us!”

                The debate is shown on the website. You can’t touch it. It’s electric shock to all of you.

                  • You aren’t following the rules of debate. Talking with you any further is a waste of time. Fuck off and find another website to troll.
                      • Such an “intellectual” response, boy. Really. What have you “debated”? Not a word from the website I created which is full of points you simply refuse to address. THAT would be debate but you are incapable of it. You are, however, quite comfortable using vulgarity and condescension. When YOU invade religious threads, that’s just fine, isn’t it. It’s “freedom of speech.” The converse is “trolling” which makes you scream profanities. How intellectual and scholarly of you. Really. Your atheist pals must be so proud of your conduct and language.

                        Years ago I debated Bartcop on his website. It was full of angry children like you. It was 50 or 100 to 1. I said bring your best and brightest to debate me. In came Bartcop and he said “You choose subject and we will debate it.”

                        My choice: Bartcop’s hatefulness and vulgar language being incompatible with intellect, maturity, science and rationality.

                        No, Bartcop wouldn’t debate the subject I chose. He wanted something else coward that he was.

                        I chose the subject, he refused, he lost. Typical of you atheists, emotional, condescending, and wrong.

                          • No seriously John. Fuck off
                            • I have reported you to the monitors, not that they will lift a finger against one of their own hateful, vulgar atheists. Rules are made for those of us you hate and claim to be superior to. The best you have is childish name-calling and profanity.

                              Q.E.D. You lose all credibility, not that you even care.

                              • I feel very sorry for you John. You cannot possibly be a happy person if you spend your time visiting websites, stirring shit, antagonising and insulting people and general trouble making. You will be a much more content person when you learn to start conversations with people less confrontationally and not engage in dickery and assholtry. Not being a dick is probably the best thing you can do for yourself.
                                • Your immaturity is revolting, utterly revolting. I confront liars and charlatans to teach them. You don’t want to learn. I’m a chemical engineer with an MBA. I’ve travelled the world and taken many family members with me. You could not possibly believe how successful and happy I am. I have no need to lie or put you down any more than to show you how wrong your nonsense is, but you don’t give a damn.
                                  • You cannot be happy the way you act. It is a symptom of underlying problems. I hope one day you grow up. Good luck