Neural Correlates of Consciousness

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    Just as in any study of “Neural Correlates of _________” (fill in the blank), the neurosciences are still at primitive stages. Let’s accumulate a list of new ideas and discoveries, specifically regarding the science of how consciousness (or aspects of it) emerges from brains. I’ll occasionally update this post with new links, starting with:


    Check this video out too. I attended the lecture.



    lots of good videos in that  ‘trinity’ series Reg…but they gotta rename that place..


    I have argued that point a few times 😉 It was established back in the 1590’s and until the 1970’s (I think) Catholics needed permission from their Church to attend. At the main entrance there is a statue of Oliver Goldsmith, the Irish poet and writer, with an opened book in his hand. It is rumored that if a virgin ever qualifies from Trinity the book will fall from his hand! The library is well worth a visit.

    The series is linked in this weeks’ Sunday School videos.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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