The Future of Human Consciousness

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    [I’m just starting this new topic here as a placeholder for coming discussions. A reminder: As alluded to in this group’s group policy, most posts that members contribute will likely be left as is, but are still subject to possible edits or movement to another topic by a group admin for the sake of keeping topics in this Consciousness Group cogent and organized. I have the convenience of future members and readers in mind, and also hope to attract readers from outside of AtheistZone. If your contribution is edited or moved by an admin, we will still keep your member name attached to your contribution. (Thank you!!)]

    At least for now, I am personally most intrigued by the possible future evolution of 1) how we define consciousness and the hard problem; 2) zombie and turing tests; 3) how AI implants and other human brain interfaces (e.g. Brain-Machine Interfaces and Brain-Computer Interfaces, BMIs & BCIs respectively) will or might affect consciousness, or even redefine it.

    Since almost all experiments on human brains are necessarily “non-invasive” (i.e. sans surgical implants), we’re still stuck with very complex, unnatural and not fine-grained enough methods of electrically interfacing with brains by using

    • electroencephalography (EEC)
    • electro-neurodiagnostic (END) technology
    • very noisy functional-magneto-imagery machines (FMI) and transcranial magnetic stimulation TMS

    Such studies require expensive laboratory equipment, except perhaps for EEC and END equipment which, in rudimentary forms, I expect will be increasingly available for hobbyists. (Won’t THAT be fun?!)



    Scientists Demonstrate Direct Brain-to-Brain Communication in Humans

    Link to Scientific American article


    […] In a new study, technology replaces language as a means of communicating by directly linking the activity of human brains.

    […] A magnetic pulse was delivered to the receiver using a transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) device if a sender signaled to rotate.

    […] The content concealed in privacy of one’s mind is the core of individual autonomy. Whatever we stand to gain in collaboration or computing power by directly linking brains may come at the cost of things that are far more important.



    Thanks to Reg (in 10NOV’19 Sunday School) for a video entitled Christof Koch: The Future of Consciousness – Schrödinger at 75: The Future of Biology


    I was reasonably conscious of having posted it before but it is worth another look 🙂 I spent two full days at the Schrodinger lectures.  Time and money well spent.

    Did you get to see the book link in today’s school?

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