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Evolution of News Organizations

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    “It’s just become daily news”: Six Florida newsrooms are teaming up to cover climate change


    Hurricane Floyd

    Hurricane Floyd off coast of Florida



    Full story: Newsonomics: CEO Mark Thompson on offering more and more New York Times (and charging more for it)


    4.9 million. That’s the total number of New York Times subscribers overall, between print and digital. That’s already three times its peak in the good old days of print.

    4.1 million. That’s roughly how many paying news customers the Times has across digital (3,197,000 subscriptions) and print (869,599 average Sunday circulation).

    856,000. That’s the number of subscribers to its non-news products, Crosswords and Cooking.

    10 million. That remains the Times’ goal for 2025 for digital subscribers. It’s growth curve, says CEO Mark Thompson, will get it there in time.

    500,000: That’s the number of Times subscribers outside the United States. They may pay less for their subscriptions than do U.S. customers, but their importance to the Times is increasing. Today, they make up 16 percent of all Times subscribers; by 2025, the Times forecasts that 20 percent of them — or 2 million in total — will.

    (I am a subscriber.)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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