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Sunday School 11th April 2021

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    People everywhere are having allergic reactions to religious extremists. In America this is fueling the decline of religion. But politicized religion can spoil religion as much as it spoils politics. Many religious leaders will yell louder as now over 50% of Americans no longer belong to a religious congregation.

    The gender pay gap is much greater in countries where any religion plays a major role in daily life.

    Does anyone remember the old BibViz site that displayed biblical contradictions? It’s back and even better than before.

    In Pakistan women’s rights activists face new allegations of blasphemy.

    In France a Catholic bishop says he does not want the government to impose atheism. Having worked with an atheist group in Lyon, I know they also don’t want this, even if it were possible.

    Finally, we get a new date for the return of Jesus. This time there will be zombies so I can’t wait!

    World of Woo: “Quack Protection Acts” will harm consumers.

    Environment: Antarctica’s ice shelves are trembling as global temperatures rise.

    Can you spot any flaws or fallacies in this article? Note: it is from a creationist website.

    New research indicates religious belief is not associated with poor sensitivity to cognitive conflict.

    Experiments on how muons interact with the magnetic field are hinting that the Standard Model may have to be revised to include some new particles or forces.

    Could consciousness reside in the brain’s electromagnetic field?

    Why a 95% efficacy for COVID vaccines doesn’t mean there’s a 5% infection risk.

    10 Questions you need to stop asking Atheists.

    Another essay on Free Will that you don’t have to read if you don’t want to.

    ‘Seaspiracy’ fact check: An expert debunks the controversial Netflix documentary. More here.

    Michio Kaku: How Close We Are to a Theory of Everything? Podcast with Michael Shermer here.

    True gratitude is a communal emotion, not a wellness practice.

    Long Reads: Evangelical masculinity is shaped by misogyny. QAnon is not the Oracle of Philadelphia. The Guerilla Skeptics take on another Grief Vampire. A Pep Talk from Stephen Pinker. The Supreme Court’s Religious Persecution Complex.  On welcoming our new robot overlords.

    This week I will order this book: The Hospital: Life, Death, and Dollars in a Small American Town.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil……

    Podcast: Becoming a philosopher with Daniel Dennett.

    Coffee Break Video:  The harm of evangelical “Purity Culture”. ISLANDS in Perspective – 3D comparison. Ted Talk: Why the majority is always wrong.


    Have a great week everybody!



    Thanks, Reg!



    Regarding the cognitive conflict article… I may be hampered by the fact that my last psych course was about 50 years ago, but I found the article a bit of a head-scratcher. Not only somewhat unsure what it said but also why it’s part of Sunday School this week.

    Is it saying that contrary to the researcher’s hypothesis (prejudice? stereotype?), religious people can deal with perceived contradictions about as well as nonreligious people? Or is the point of the article something else?


    Simon Paynton

    The point of the article is that. as you say, religious and non-religious people process incongruent information, under experimental conditions, in the same way (the Stroop test).

    Furthermore, it may be (in fact, it seems very likely), that the kinds of cognitive conflicts elicited by the Stroop test differ greatly in nature and severity to those faced by religious believers. Context and content may make all the difference. As the authors say, it’s “important to do justice to the subjective nature of religious practices and experiences.”

    However, these findings do throw doubt on theories that may have been too readily accepted by later authors and which haven’t been rigorously validated through empirical testing.

    One of the arguments for atheists against the Abrahamic religions is that they seem to be self-contradictory, since anything real has to be internally and externally consistent, because reality is consistent.

    Personally I think there’s enough “real” in the Abrahamic religions that any perceived contradictions don’t matter too much to believers’ faiths.



    LOL, The God Hypothesis Versus Atheist Science Denial
    Michael Egnor

    Big Bang, “Fine Tuning”, and DNA align with the scriptures? Oh really. I guess this brain cutter has never read a single argument against his position (e,g. DNA is not a code) and brings nothing to back his position up. Its always great when apologists quote other apologists as if that is some kind of evidence.

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