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Sunday School 16th January 2022

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    Good news from Poland which echoes that of other European nations; There has been a “devastating” decline in religious attendance among young people. The leaders of the Sexual Predators Club in Spain meet the Cuddly One to discuss how to deal with the survivors of their abuse who have “felt wounded”.

    Afterwards DJ Cuddles went to a record store and Sunday School asks readers for some more suggestions as to what CD he purchased.  .

    The Religion of Peace has updated its policy for men on how and when to beat women and children.

    World of Woo: No plastic bottles are ever squeezed for my skin care routine.

    Environment: For 7th straight year, Earth sets record for hottest in history. Report as a pdf.

    Archaeologists reveal a key date in the evolution of modern humans while a new study provides the first evidence of non-random mutations in DNA. Another look at our extinct kin, the Denisovans. The range of technologies that shaped human evolution and laid the foundation for our world.

    The journey to a pig-heart transplant began 60 years ago.

    Why Kierkegaard believed it’s lazy to admire our moral heroes.

    Long Reads: I told a teenager that sarcasm was a sign of intelligence and she just said “OK Boomer, Whatever!” Texas shows the dangers of indifference to Omicron. Bruce McCandless of NASA and his Flying Machine.  Quantum Mechanics and the fundamental nature of reality. The importance of academic impartiality.

    Sunday Book Club: A brief history of Timekeeping. (See also video below).

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil……

    Coffee Break Video:  The Passage of Time and the Meaning of Life with Sean Carroll. What is Spinoza’s God? Life aboard a refugee rescue ship.


    Have a great week everyone! The last video above on refugees reminded me of a poem I once posted on TA.

    A poem by Warsan Shire:

    no one leaves home unless
    home is the mouth of a shark
    you only run for the border
    when you see the whole city running as well
    your neighbors running faster than you
    breath bloody in their throats
    the boy you went to school with
    who kissed you dizzy behind the old tin factory
    is holding a gun bigger than his body
    you only leave home
    when home won’t let you stay.
    no one leaves home unless home chases you
    fire under feet
    hot blood in your belly
    it’s not something you ever thought of doing
    until the blade burnt threats into
    your neck
    and even then you carried the anthem under
    your breath
    only tearing up your passport in an airport toilets
    sobbing as each mouthful of paper
    made it clear that you wouldn’t be going back.
    you have to understand,
    that no one puts their children in a boat
    unless the water is safer than the land
    no one burns their palms
    under trains
    beneath carriages
    no one spends days and nights in the stomach of a truck
    feeding on newspaper unless the miles travelled
    means something more than journey.
    no one crawls under fences
    no one wants to be beaten
    no one chooses refugee camps
    or strip searches where your
    body is left aching
    or prison,
    because prison is safer
    than a city of fire
    and one prison guard
    in the night
    is better than a truckload
    of men who look like your father
    no one could take it
    no one could stomach it
    no one skin would be tough enough
    go home blacks
    dirty immigrants
    asylum seekers
    sucking our country dry
    niggers with their hands out
    they smell strange
    messed up their country and now they want
    to mess ours up
    how do the words
    the dirty looks
    roll off your backs
    maybe because the blow is softer
    than a limb torn off
    or the words are more tender
    than fourteen men between
    your legs
    or the insults are easier
    to swallow
    than rubble
    than bone
    than your child body
    in pieces.
    i want to go home,
    but home is the mouth of a shark
    home is the barrel of the gun
    and no one would leave home
    unless home chased you to the shore
    unless home told you
    to quicken your legs
    leave your clothes behind
    crawl through the desert
    wade through the oceans
    be hunger
    forget pride
    your survival is more important
    no one leaves home until home is a sweaty voice in your ear
    run away from me now
    i dont know what i’ve become
    but i know that anywhere
    is safer than here…



    Thanks Reg, and an extra thanks for the poem!!


    Simon Paynton

    The Religion of Peace has updated its policy for men on how and when to beat women and children.

    This is classic patriarchal coercion and control.  It shows that religion is cultural in part, and is there to uphold the status quo in the form of what is convenient for the male species.  The sense of entitlement is overwhelming.

    It’s not surprising that patriarchy combines so well with narcissistic personality disorders (dominant and controlling behaviour).



    The not random headline is a bit misleading.



    Fellow Unbelievers,

    It is just tsk-tsking, jaw-dropping, and head-shaking that you can get stuff by modern made-to-order printing and Kindle that is more suited to Monks writing Encyclicals on parchment with quills or cave men doing pictographs on cave walls with berry juice.

    Here’s a book I seen refernced favorably on another Forum I’m on frequently.

    Edward Dutton
    Witches, Feminism, and the Fall of the West

    From the dust jacket/liner notes on Amazon:

    “The archetype of the “witch” is burnt deep into the European psyche, recurring again and again in folklore and fairytales. But is she merely the stuff of fantasy? Roald Dahl warned that witches don’t always don black hats and ride on broom sticks. They “dress in ordinary clothes, and look very much like ordinary women. . . . That is why they are so hard to catch.”
    In Witches, Feminism and the Fall of the West, Edward Dutton examines the history of witches and witch-hunting in light of evolutionary psychology. Throughout the centuries, witches were ostracized across Europe and often condemned and executed for sorcery and harming children. They generally adhered to a type: witches were low-status, anti-social, and childless, and their very presence was viewed as poisonous to the community. Dutton demonstrates that witches did, in their way, represent a maladaptive mentality and behavior, which undermined Europe’s patriarchal system. When times got tough-that is, when Europe got poorer or colder-the witches were persecuted with a vengeance.
    Today, the evolutionary situation has been turned on its head. The intense selection pressures of the past have been overcome by the Industrial Revolution and its technological marvels. Modern witches survive and thrive in the postmodern West, still possessed by the motivations and dispositions of their sisters of yore. “Sorcery” (nihilism and self-hatred) is no longer taboo but has become a high-status ideology. Roald Dahl was all-too correct. Witches do exist, and they mean to do us harm.”


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    Simon Paynton

    Witches do exist, and they mean to do us harm.

    I’d agree with that blurb, except for this bit.  In my experience, witches are “white witches” – they intend to do good rather than harm.  It’s seen as very bad form karmically to try to hurt others with “magic”.



    Environment: For 7th straight year, Earth sets record for hottest in history.

    I, for one, support the Earth in trying to rekindle that old flame and set new records. We have some ways to go before it beats its all time high, but I’m getting a little sick of environmentalists who can’t support the planet and its ambitions. According to scientists, in its infancy, our planet was around 2000ºC, but you never hear about Adam and Eve complaining about it in the Bible.

    That aside, my mom gave me some N95 masks. I’ll probably need them for when the sky turns to ash again as the forests in the region go up in sprawling infernos this summer.


    @autumn – I think is problem is that people just won’t clean up the forests as they did in the U.S. with the “Make America Rake Again” campaign. It was the greatest campaign ever. It really worked although my fellow farmer friends in Mendocino County would disagree. They are just too liberal, I guess.

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