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Sunday School 30th January 2022

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    Unseen you wrote: I love animals, too, but in a more complex way than you and Jake.

    Elaborate please. I am curious.

    Apropos of nothing i meant insight not incite but that is alright. None of our shit is air tight.



    Fellow Unbelievers,

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    All food is processed to some extent. But I find burger meat to be overly so. Often it comes from several parts of several different animals and even from different countries. So that is why I don’t eat them and prefer the non-meat alternatives. If you were to buy a piece of good organic steak and then grind it up to make a burger I think you would be making a healthier choice.

    Some “strong meat” on meat:

    You are correct that all food is processed, but it is equally true that, if it is Carbon-based, all food is “organic,” at least by the definition I learned in Biology class.

    Likewise, anything man has ever domesticated is a “Genetically Modified Organism.” The only difference between GMO Then and GMO Now is the former was made by selective breeding and the latter is made by Petri Dish and test tube.

    Myself, I try to pick the leanest cuts I can find and after cooking, I drain off excess fat with a collander and filtered water. But I never fret over “organic” or “Non-GMO” labels.

    And, thanks to supply chain snags and that Conqueror Worm destroyer of nations and civilizations known as inflation–all created by printing money for “stimulus”/”get-paid-to-exist” checks–me and everyone else in the U.S. all eat less meat and food of all kinds, when we can find it. One pound of hamburger last me for many days in soups, chili, and pasta sauce and I freeze it when not immediately used.

    As the Stalin meme says: “Dark Humor is like food: Some get it, some do not.”

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