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Sunday School 30th January 2022

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    Simon Paynton

    Those things may be true about Jordan Peterson, but I don’t think he’s a scoundrel, because I admire him for sticking his neck out.  Even flat-out lying isn’t the worst awful thing in the world.  It’s not like he was defaming anyone’s good name, beyond how they had already defamed it themselves, or trying to save his own skin, or for personal gain.

    You must admit that nobody wants to be dominated or humiliated, in the name of progressive values.  Wokeness, as wokeness, has to be a good thing: just and compassionate consciousness.  But nobody said it had to come with obnoxious self-righteousness and Orwellian thought control.  Those are marks of extremism.


    You must admit that nobody wants to be dominated or humiliated,

    I can’t admit to that based upon some of the requests I have had 🙂

    But is that not also a description of the sheeple that belong to organized religions?



    Simon you have such a man crush on Peterson you are willing to dismiss vile behaviour you would rightfully call out as vile if someone else did it. Ugh.



    It’s not like he was defaming anyone’s good name, beyond how they had already defamed it themselves, or trying to save his own skin, or for personal gain.

    He lied about an already marginalized group of people making it out as if we were oppressing the majority by expecting to have the identical civil rights he already had for himself. I don’t know if it’s ego, money, or stupidity that causes him to double down on that, but it is very much despicable.

    Or, for another scenario, imagine this:

    You’re a mother of a tween who turns out to be transgender. While that’s already a difficult situation because you don’t want your child to face hardship, the father doesn’t get it and turns his son’s medical treatment into a protracted court case. Details of the case become public. As the mother, you are publicly accused of child abuse and people freely talk about killing you, repeatedly talk abusively about your child.

    A court order is put in place to protect your child’s privacy and safety. Honestly, transition is tough. Now imagine making it very public and thrust into the centre of a polarized and vitriolic debate where people frequently talk about how other people should be killed. The court order is basically a gag order on the details of the case. This is made into a free speech issue despite being completely inline with other privacy protections we’ve all taken for granted and few of us would accept giving up ourselves.

    The father repeatedly violates the court order and gets propped up as an alt right hero. I’m sure he takes shit for it too, but any of us who speak up do. It’s bad, but it’s a sad reality. After being given countless chances to stop exposing details of his son’s medical history, after constantly misgendering him privately and publicly, and after doing so knowing that his audience is saying some pretty dark shit about his ex-wife and child, the courts no longer know what to do with him. His behaviour is extreme. They levy the only tool they left: prison.

    Now you be that mom or that (by now) teenager. It’s a shitty situation for all involved including the father who, despite all the harms caused to his son, may in some fucked up way trying to defend him (though personally, I think that ship sailed some time before he had to do time). In comes a celebrity who knows fuck all about your situation and—regardless of his own political position—is an alt-right darling with a far-reaching voice. Knowing fuck all about your kid’s case, about trans care, about law, about you as people, about your son’s struggles, he weighs in, adds to your vilification, and lies about the law to make the father seem like he’s being suppressed by new draconian laws. Not only that, but he uses it as an ‘I told you so’ to validate his previous lies despite the fact that the whole case had fuckall to do with anything he had said before.

    His lies hurt people.

    You must admit that nobody wants to be dominated or humiliated, in the name of progressive values.

    No. That is backwards. People like Peterson act as if they want exactly that. If not, why did he make up lies to make himself the oppressed party in someone else’s struggle to get the same rights as him? He created a story in which he was oppressed despite facts poorly supporting his claims. It seems to me what he wanted was to gain status as the oppressed in place of being the oppressor. Then, like a con man, tried to play it cool as if he was unflappable in the face the the imaginary oppression he himself fabricated.



    I can’t admit to that based upon some of the requests I have had 🙂

    Sounds like it could be a good side hustle. I’ve heard people pay top dollar for that.



    I am starting to thing JP is mentally challenged. Listen to this asshole on climate change. He is a mess.



    Wouldn’t feel as random if i put it in random..

    Spiritual is a shite word. In general effective communication requires if not precision, approximation. Unless the goal is obfuscation in which case it is an oblation. I have noticed it is intended as opposite of materialistic. Spirits are spiritual if they get ya fucked up cuz the spirits are emanating from another world and dualism does not require specificity. I do however like the word sprites!

    The one word that comes to mind as being utterly amorphous yet incredibly valuable is things. I won’t elaborate cuz that would insult your intelligence.

    First time i listened to Peterson i detested him…a real visceral reaction. When i started to read him and about him it did not change. Lost are other thoughts and undoubtedly the spirits are to blame along with the urgency i feel to look at the next race at Gulfstream Park.


    I’ve heard people pay top dollar for that.

    The very very naughty ones certainly do. Exploiting Catholic guilt is so easy 🙂


    @simonThat’s my definition, which is meaningful. Someone told me about “self-actualization” .

    That is usually referenced when discussing Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and is the top of the triangle but you never get there on an empty stomach.

    But I think you are referencing Carl Rogers Theory here. I could argue against some of it but I won’t just now.




    I am starting to thing JP is mentally challenged. Listen to this asshole on climate change. He is a mess.

    When I was a teenager, I am sure I talked similar to the way he does in interviews. I was so confident in my own thoughts and so raring to speak up that I’d end up shooting my mouth off. Because I was modestly clever, I could often talk my way out of the corners I’d occasionally paint myself into. Amongst friends and family, I may still be prone to philoso-ma-phize a bit too wildly on things well outside my ken.

    But here’s a man who is no teenager and is not merely shooting the shit with his pals, and still he runs his mouth like a fool. Is it entitlement? A little Dunning-Kruger action? Hubris? Attention-seeking behaviour? I really don’t know, but it’s not healthy. Then again, maybe the difference between Peterson and I is that I’m not famous and I’m just not given as many opportunities to stick my foot in my mouth in front of an audience. I suspect not.



    Part of Peterson’s platform is his “how to live your life”. Some of it is just repackaged stuff the stoics said, some of it is messed up…not a single part of it is original or profound yet it sells. People live by that advice. What I find really really really, but I mean really fucked up…is that people still look up to him as a model of a human being living their life well…despite him recently:

    • Discovering his wife has cancer
    • Instead of being there to support her makes it all about “him”
    • Gets addicted to Benzos and becomes suicidal
    • Runs away to the facist homeland of “Russia” to detox
    • Instead of dealing with the detox, gets into a dangerous and experimental induced coma to avoid the unpleasantness of the detox
    • Meanwhile, wife is recovering without him.

    Only very partially admits he screwed up but explains away the rest. Many adoring acolytes still see him as a model person and believe in his mediocre guide to living. This is all a lovely gateway to his sexism, homophobia, transphobia and his parodying of free-speech, SJWs and wokeism.

    Beautiful isn’t it?



    Seems as though wild popularity and charisma with a dash of ultracrepidarian (ya see dat Reg) is a meretricious indicator and an indictment of humanity. Exceptions?


    I did indeed Jake :-).  JP is the throttlebottom of academia. But he did try to get young men to pet street cats as the last of his 12 rules for living which reeked of religious blatherskite.



    Is it really true that undergraduate students have to have trigger warnings for “1984”? They are frightened of what exactly?

    I feel like I focused on the wrong thing initially, mostly because I’m sick of that jackass Peterson and his virtue signalling, as the kids call it these days. It frankly amazes me anyone falls for that shit.

    But beyond that, I’m at a bit of a loss as to what you think a trigger warning is. While the terms has been diluted substantially, at its roots, it’s about trauma. Something like a depiction of rape in a book or a movie may trigger a trauma-related response in someone who was, themselves, violently raped. The trigger warning lets them know what’s potentially ahead so they can engage with the material on their own terms or not at all.

    It is, at its core, about trauma.



    Fellow Unbelievers,

    I’m just surprised that Jordan Peterson even survived his All-Beef-And-Bòoze Diet:

    Joe Rogan Says He’s Back on the Carnivore Diet to Start 2022

    The meat-only meal plan generated a lot of buzz in 2018, when Jordan Peterson revealed that he and his daughter Mikhaila live on only steak, water, and the occasional glass of bourbon, and that they have both seen positive health results as an outcome.

    If I like edamame beans with my steak, does that make me Bi-Soylent? 😁

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