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Sunday School April 26th 2020.

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    I hope the pandemic will hasten the decline of Christianity in the Western world.

    I hope it will also help people to see through the BS of those in Quackademia. Common Sense is no substitute for Science in a pandemic as it can almost be described as child’s play. Then people might stop poisoning themselves.

    Some anti-vaxxers are changing their minds but others will take longer to see that it is not a “plannedemic”.

    Climate science deniers are at the forefront of downplaying the coronavirus pandemic but a new survey finds a majority of pastors now consider global warming to be real and man-made. Then we might have more competent and realistic people in power.

    Taxpayers cannot be forced to fund churches, even in a pandemic, as Congress again ignores the Constitution. It would be much better for everyone to invest in science instead. The Coronavirus is not part of any imaginary god’s plan no matter what the truly deluded believe.

    But it will not be easy to return to normal because the age of stability is over.

    Pastor Tony Spell continues his campaign to infect his own flock.

    An apostate’s journey: From ‘Sunday Christian’ to Freethinker.

    More religious individuals are less likely to have pets — especially cats.

    Matrixism is a very inclusive new religion.

    When Religion and Culture Kill: COVID-19 in the Somali Diaspora in Sweden.

    This weeks’ Woo: How responsible is the Media for misinformation about Covid-19?

    Climate Crisis: Non-scientists struggle to separate fact from fiction.

    Has anyone observed that the night sky is becoming clearer or considered life to be a gamble?

    On thinking there may be a hidden purpose to the Coronavirus pandemic.

    How Heisenberg became Uncertain.

    Please sign and share this petition to free Soheil Arabi, imprisoned in Iran.

    Long Reads: Easy Rider: 50 Years looking for America. Denis Hayes, the organizer of Earth Day. The Trials of a Never Trump Republican. In search of the disappearing art dealer.

    This week I am reading this book: Maybe one of these for a change of pace.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil……

    Coffee Break Video: Hubble’s 30th Anniversary. What is Reality. Coronavirus V: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.


    Have a great week everyone!



    It will really burn me if churches get virus money from the US treasury. Paying the salaries of pastors; really??? Total FVCKING violation of the first amendment to the US Constitution.


    I was in email contact with a member of American Atheists recently. She is normally very mild mannered but I ended up imagining her trashing everything in sight because she was so irate at the prospect of her taxes (she is a very high earner), even one cent, going to some pastor or “so called reverend”.  I have a very short fuse with this sort of abuse of religious privilege but she made me think “Wow, glad I am not in that room”.  🙂


    The virus knows no god.




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