Sunday School

Sunday School February 25th 2018

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    A Christian describes his decent into madness since he stopped enjoying his sin of atheism. If only he was more open minded he would see that atheism confirms the existence of God.

    In Idaho, faith healing means building tiny coffins. Elsewhere more Christians are accused of abusing their children to death.

    In London, an ultra-deluded Jewish group wants to continue lying to young children. We should never fund the indoctrination of children.

    These people are lawmakers in South Carolina.

    Here is an interesting proposal to solve gun violence. Is there any scientific evidence that gun control saves lives? In Florida pornography has been declared a public health risk but assault rifles are OK. Some officials have been looking into the square root of the problem. Some corporations are playing their part too. The media should stop making school shooters famous.

    This weeks’ Woo: The world of Quackademia.

    Climate Change: Seven myths put out by Big Oil and “sloppy and careless” EPA rollbacks.

    The virtue of Scientific Thinking.

    Will genetic choice make sex obsolete?

    Our search for meaning and the dangers of possession.

    Religion poses less danger to democracy than other social movements.

    Whatever happened to American Secularism?

    A single image of the entire known Universe, like holding infinity in the palm of your hand.

    These scientists are trying to pull the wool over our eyes (says the fronkey farmer!)

    How cells pack tangled DNA into neat chromosomes but our genome is not a blueprint for making humans.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil…..

    Coffee Break Video:  How not to sexually harass someone. The human journey – a genetic odyssey. Pat Condell has more to say.


    Have a great week everyone!!



    Thanks, Reg!



    The first three links were enough for me today, LOL.




    Just got a booklet in my mail about the resurrection of Jesus. It was a great reminder that The Walking Dead is back tonight!!



    Thanks Reg!

    lots of resurrections happening in tonight’s installment of the walking dead….

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