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Sunday School July 12th 2015

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    In Tennessee the entire staff of the county clerk’s office resign over marriage equality. In Texas a district county clerk thinks she knows the law better than SCOTUS in yet another case of Christian bigotry being termed religious liberty. Should the State Governors of Oklahoma and Kansas know better? I only pray that they come to see the error of their unconstitutional ways and get over their persecution complex.

    Another Christian writer does not believe in the gods that we don’t believe in without being able to define her own. Would she think that some of us might even have a conscience!!

    A closer look at the limits of Religious Liberty and the perceived discrimination against Christians.

    If belief was a positive development in our evolution then why doesn’t everyone believe in a god?

    Who is Zaid Hamid?

    Who is Alber Saber?

    The Catholic Church in Norway is fined $5m for fraud.

    In Britain, chaplaincy services cost the Health Service £23m per annum, the cost of 1,000 nurses.

    Integration and segregation in British schools.

    Muslim countries and religious freedom.

    Climate Change and saving our oceans. A mini Ice Age within 15 years?

    Why I am always late.

    A closer look at Pluto.

    This week’s Woo: The history of vaccines and why Science is winning the Vaccine Wars.

    Ten things we did not know last week. Some pictures taken this week.

    The Quest for a Moral Compass – a book by Kenan Malik. I got the book in the post this week. It is an excellent book and the best I have found on the subject.

    Research shows that the Virgin Mary was actually God’s to beget himself.

    Coffee Break Video: AronRa on theism and rationality.



    Mini Ice Age:

    If I understood the article correctly, it’s analogous to beat frequency. If you strike two tuning forks that are set to resonate at slightly different frequencies, say 440HZ and 441Hz, what you will hear is 440.5 Hz. But it will pulse in loudness every second, wow-wow-wow-wow…. That is because at one point in time, both forks are putting out the “crest” of the sound wave, so they add together, and a half a second later, the 440 hertz one is putting out the crest of wave 220, while the 441 hertz one is 220.5 waves in and is putting out a trough–they cancel each other precisely and you hear nothing at that particular split moment.

    It sounds like something similar might be going on with the sunspot cycle, it’s really two cycles of slightly different duration and sometimes they cancel each other out.

    This is yet another factor that would have to be brought into climatological models. Although climatologists seem agreed that pumping lots of CO2 in the atmosphere will, ceteris paribus, lead to warming…it’s not ceteris paribus in fact, and all those other factors they haven’t even built into their models which have made them notoriously unreliable at making detailed near-term predictions. (It’s impossible, of course, to factor in something you don’t know about!)


    Simon Paynton

    Thanks for the info about “The Quest for a Moral Compass” by Kenan Malik – I’ve just ordered it.


    Money well spent Simon. I did not use the word “excellent” lightly. You will refer to it for years to come. It really is that good.



    I love the story in Tennessee. Here’s a excerpt:

    Speaking for the three employees whose resignations take effect July 14, Pope said they were doing it for “for the glory of God,” and not for the publicity.

    “It’s kind of sort of like you don’t want to draw attention to yourself for any reason,” Pope explained. “That’s not why we’re doing this. Not doing it in any way to draw attention to us. It’s for the glory of God. He’s going to get all the glory.”

    Pope said that none of the employees have new jobs lined up, but that “I honestly believe God will take care of us.”

    Now that to me sounds like a win-win-win all the way around, for gay couples, for those employees that resigned, and for God!


    I think they are very fortunate that their god holds the same ignorant views as they do. Imagine how awkward they would feel holding those homophobic ideas if their god’s book preached equality?


    Ron H

    I have never understood Christians doing anything for the glory of god. Doesn’t their god already have all the glory it can handle?



    I have never understood Christians doing anything for the glory of god. Doesn’t their god already have all the glory it can handle?

    You also have to wonder why they have to do god’s work for him.


    Gary Bergeron

    Thanks Reg, for all the time and effort to find the gems for us every week!


    Here is the link to the Virgin Mary (true) story I missed in the post and cannot correct.



    LOL!!! That will slip in nicely in a debate I’m currently in….

    Thank you for Sunday School Reg!!! I’m very glad it’s continuing with this new site. Thanks….

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