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Sunday School June 19th 2022

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    And back in the day when they sold indulgences altering day of judgments which was another of Luther’s no no’s…

    The number of legit quips, criticisms and fatal analyses must be in the tens of thousands.




    Come to think about it, I think I know now why the Roman Catholic Church objects to people using their physical frame to feed and trellis rose bushes.

    If individuals get this rotten idea that they can decide how they can Dearly Depart without dictat from Big Papa, they might also get the idea that they can have it their way with every moment before shuffling off the Mortal Coil.

    That would definitely not be very pecuniary for Big Papa’s Salvation Shack.

    Big Papa would be deprived of endulgences (still unofficially practiced,) plus bequests of estates in wills and purchase of grave sites. Then before The Big Cacking Out, Big Papa would be deprived of Powers of Attorney for patients/inmates in Catholic rest homes and hospitals, and finally deprived of offerings made while alive!

    The Holy Mother Church can’t have any of that lost revenue going on under their noses!

    And this goes even beyond organized religion.

    Your glass casket reminded me of something: It is perfectly possible to get a sturdy, useable, perfectly good casket made of stiff (pardon the pun,) layered cardboard for as little as the $100 USD range.

    Th3 Cardboard Casket Company

    (A few years ago, a cardboard casket was as little as $45 USD, but more Fed-printed fiat money chasing too few goods–including wood for paper–raised the price of everything.)

    Anywho, despite, (or really because of) this inexpensive, taseful, Earth-friendly alternative, the funeral home/mortuary/cenetary lobbies who sell minimum $multi-Thousand Dollar USD funeral packages hate cardboard caskets and even get some jurisdictions to outlaw cardboard caskets.

    Here’s a couple examples from across the pond:

    Fury of grieving relative blocked from cremating her aunt in a cardboard coffin because it’s ‘too dangerous’

    Finally, We Get Cardboard Coffins

    Finally we get cardboard coffins

    Really, they all would outlaw cardboard caskets if they could, along with burials on the family back forty and Über-driven hearses.

    There is an adjective that describes such laws, but someone may need a Victorian fainting couch and smelling salts if I use the word and those things are pricey and definitely not cardboard. 😁

    The ultimate test of whether you own you is whether you can dispose of yourself. If you can’t have a hand in that, you are not free. A timely note in the wake of the U.S. Holiday of Juneteenth and in the wake of millions of people all over the world who still aren’t free.


    OK, none of you Catholics seem to be able to adequately answer my questions but I was wondering if you could try one more which I am certain you will find easy enough. It about plenary indulgences. Is it true that the first week of November is the best time to visit a graveyard to pray for the souls in Purgatory? I understand it is acceptable by the Vatican that you can free souls from Purgatory to send them to the Church Triumphant.

    Is it true that you need to be in a state of grace in order to free them which is done by praying out loud or by praying in your mind? Do you pray to the Saints who are already in Heaven, who have not had to wait for the Day of Judgement or can you pray directly to your God, the Creator of the Universe?

    I hear that souls can be in Purgatory for up to 2,000 years but how to you know which ones to pray for? Do they go there as soon as they die? Where do all the other souls go as they don’t get to go to Heaven until after Jesus comes back on the last day. Who has sent them to Purgatory? What do they do there? I mean someone has had to judge them and decided that they had to go there, is that not the case? As it says in Matthew 7, “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way, you judge others, you will be judged”. And how do you know if you are successful in freeing one?

    Reg, are you deliberately trying to be offensive?

    Why would you say that? I am trying to make sense of what your Church teaches as I don’t understand it all. You keep calling to my house to ask me to join your faith. You said you were all ‘true Catholics” so I thought you could clear up my misunderstandings about it, like it says in 1Peter 3:15. At least I think that is the verse but correct me if I am wrong as you must know the Bible better than I do. I am only asking questions so I know what I might be getting myself into if I do join you. Is that not reasonable of me?




    Don’t concern yourself with logistics. Instead, just take in the awesome power of the lord..


    It is at this point that I like to remind them that “However, the Most High does not dwell in temples made with hands, as the prophet says: Heaven is My throne, And earth is My footstool“, Acts 7:48-49

    I am on a roll this year. I reckon I have helped cure about 20 of them from their god delusion.

    I even surprised one today when I showed him this picture that I took yesterday!


    Above picture taken here.


    The idea that God would knowingly use the Bible as the primary source of revelation for his existence and as a moral exemplar is thoroughly problematic if he knew it would be used to justify slavery by countless people over almost 2000 years.

    The “Slavery” article in the Long Reads section is good.

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