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Sunday School June 7th 2020

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    I agree with the sentiment of this article but I totally disagree with the proposed solution. Though I don’t always feel that way when it comes to the more hate-filled extreme liars for Jesus.

    The Power Worshipers: A look inside the American religious right.

    When it comes to yoga the Church of Greece remains inflexible.

    Members of the Religion of Peace send death threats to Somalian atheists.

    Why we need freedom from, as well as for, religion.

    A Catholic diocese in Minnesota had 41 priests abusing children.  The children of Guam know Catholicism is a force for evil in this, their only world.

    Should I tell people I’m not religious anymore? A Flowchart.

    Trump administration asks Supreme Court to make it legal to ban same-sex couples from adopting.

    This weeks’ Woo: The ongoing battle against fake news and conspiracy theories.

    Climate Crisis: Capturing change on the coldest continent.

    Developing critical thinking skills early in life is a necessity.

    A history of the Bible: who wrote it and when?

    Blasphemy is a Right, not a Crime. But this is just not right. Imagine, just for a moment, if another leader in another country held up a Qur’an after using chemicals to clear the streets of his political opponents. There was something familiar about that Bible photo-op…..but it should not be used as a sign of repression.

    New research highlights the role religion plays in the evaluations of scientists.

    A visual history of Pandemics. Now is the summer of our discontent. What have the countries where the virus is growing the most got in common?

    Why do so many see vaccines and other medical interventions as tools of social control rather than boons to health?

    Free thought: can you ever be a truly independent thinker?

    Roughly half of the Earth’s land has minimal human impact.

    The Jurassic coast is one of the best fossil collection sites on Earth. A millipede from Scotland is world’s oldest-known land animal. DNA from Stone Age ‘chewing gum’ tells an incredible story. The first life on Earth may actually have been built from both RNA and DNA. Why does Evolution seem to have a direction?

    The long journey to herd immunity. Sweden’s coronavirus experiment has well and truly failed.

    Long Reads: How we broke the World – Greed and globalization set us up for disaster. How the free press worldwide is under threat. Why have Republican leaders abandoned their principles in support of an immoral and dangerous president?

    This week I am reading this book: Surviving Autocracy.

    Some photographs taken last week. Artists from around the world depict George Floyd.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil…..

    Coffee Break Video:  Bill Maher on the #BlueToo movement. A gentle stroll through the quotidian act of walking. Evolution & Creationism, Part 1. Evolution & Creationism, Part 2. Shields and Brooks on race in America, Trump’s response.


    Have a great week everyone!



    RE: The Jurassic coast is one of the best fossil collection sites on Earth….

    I started hunting for fossils when I was a kid after my parents took me to the World’s Fair. I have uncovered about two dozen nice pieces over the years, most being left from Ice Age mammals such as mammoths and I have purchased a few as well (Like a +5″ megalodon tooth right off a dive boat on the Savannah River and a 4″ Spinosaurus tooth from Morocco.)

    I even tiled our kitchen wall with real shrimp and fish fossils from the Green River Formation dig.


    I am impressed with your kitchen decor Robert. I don’t think too many creatures would have survived a bite from a jaw full of those teeth! The paving stones in my back garden have flora fossils in them. Whenever I see an Archaeopteryx fossil in a natural history museum I am reminded of our old eponymous TA friend.


    David Attenborough and First Life.



    Thanks Reg!


    Hi Strega, hope all is well with you 🙂



    Hey yes, Reg – Vermont is a good place to be.  Our local police brought bottles of water and a bloody ice cream van to protests yesterday and gave everything away free.

    They’ve been busy during Corona by doing special police birthday visits to local kids with quarantine birthdays.

    The local sheriff’ plays “Dude, where’s my cruiser?” on Facebook by parking in random places in Windham county and having people guess the location.

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    @strega can I move in with you! JK lol

    @Reg yes Arch is missed

    @robert holy smokes! That is totally awesome!! The things you don’t know about someone…….


    It’s not fair Ivy that your city gets all the pepper spray and flash bang grenades and Vermont gets all the ice cream. Such a polarized place!! 🙂


    Many of the suddenly “Woke” are trying to solve racism as quickly as possible. It has become a major problem for them in the last few weeks.  A  SJW’s told me that the problem is an “egregious issue” and that she, through prayer and with the help of Our Lord, will not rest until the protests stop.

    She mentioned “John Hawkins” as a prime example. She was finding it very painful to think of the offense that the glorification of such historical figures must be causing her “black friend” to endure.

    I asked if her friend lived in Plymouth. No, thankfully, but that did not matter as it was causing offense to every  right thinking person everywhere and not just black people by just being there.

    I asked her if her friend ever confided in her and discussed any racist incidents she suffered. Oh no, I would not like to raise the question as it might trigger her. But, as I was informed, she “must have had some in the past”.

    Later she informed me that she hates rap music because it is offensive to all women, not just black women but some of Eminem’s songs are not bad, like the one about “walking on water”.

    I asked which is better “The one with Skyler or the one with Beyonce”?

    Ah, Beyonce of course. Who is Skyler?

    Really? I think Skyler and Eminem gave a great performance. (I would walk over broken glass man and for sure I ain’t no Jesus:-))

    Apparently her God, with an assist from Jesus would help us all if we only had the humility to “take two knees” and just ask, she said with a look of smugness for coming up with such a clever and culturally  relevant phrase.

    (oh ffs)


    I asked if she knew the name of the ship that Queen Elizabeth 1st loaned to John Hawkins, the officially licensed slave trader?

    No, what was it called?

    The slave ship was called “Jesus”.

    How dare you try to use your hatred of my religion to mock such an important subject.

    How dare you try to revise the history of such an important subject by “whitewashing” it. Look it up when you get back to University.







    Simon Paynton

    Things feel different this time around.  I don’t hear much talk any more of “white fragility” and “white tears” and much more of “white people need to listen to black people”.  So, solutions rather than conflict.  I can accept that there is a lot of racism that white people never have to see.

    At the same time, as always, there are excesses.  Apparently now it’s racist to put anything else on the front page apart from Black Lives Matter (such as finding a suspect in the case of a missing little girl).  But, young people have always been full of shit.  I certainly was at that age.


    I agree that many young people only virtue signal without having an in-depth understanding of a issue. That is OK. They are finding their way. But there is a large cohort who only learn what to think and say based upon what their peers say on social media. They then want everyone to conform to their viewpoint.

    I can recall some cringe worthy statements I have made at that age when I thought I knew everything. I would still cringe if I cared about the past. The woman I was talking with went to college in her late 20’s in order to “find her true potential”.

    I am here to trigger them 🙂

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