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Sunday School March 11th 2018

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    That vulgar pastor Robert Jeffress is not going to have sex with a porn star any time soon while pastor Kevin Swanson gets bent out of shape over cross-species mating (come visit my farm!).

    Feminists have slowly shifted power and there’s no going back. Antipathy to expertise leads to a mirage of knowledge so when it comes to election time I hope many of these scientists are women but bear in mind that Christians have very low standards when using political attack ads against atheists like Gayle Jordan. There will be other roadblocks in the way when the non-religious try to shake up politics.

    I wonder if the vice director (or the director of vice) at the Vatican press office would care to comment on this?

    A federal court rules for Gay Rights in a major discrimination case.

    Ken Ham talks about his god at an Oklahoma university.

    What secularism means for African women’s rights and citizenship.

    This weeks’ Woo: Naturopathic doctors are bad for your health.

    Climate Change: Why some conservatives are blind to it.

    Can our capacity for moral reasoning be strengthened?

    The growing problem of school segregation.

    On giving good explanations to “Why?” questions.

    Looking again at the Pillars of Creation.

    Nuclear Fusion has always been about 15 years away but this time it might just be 15 years away.

    Are humans genetically loaded for extinction?

    Some photographs taken last week. (No. 31 is close to my home). Sony photo awards 2018.

    We pause to remember….Vilma Trujillo.

    This week I am reading this book.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil…..

    Coffee Break Video:  Why I left an Evangelical Cult. What’s the next stage of Atheism?


    Have a great week everyone!!

    So Reg, you so called “fronkey farmer”, you have just admitted that you cannot prove the Christian God does not exist!!  So why are you still refusing to accept Him into your heart???


    Daniel W.

    I studied the bible pretty thoroughly, a long time ago.  I think I would remember if it said you can’t have sex with a fish.

    There is also no commandment that says “Thou shalt not have sex with a porn star”.

    You can’t prove there’s no (christian) god.  You also can’t prove there’s no Ahura Mazda, Quetzalcoatl, Athena, Thor, or Ganesh, among countless others.  Do you have to accept them into your heart too?  The heart pumps blood, anyway.  It can’t house dieties.


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    If anyone needs help interpreting the Bible….


    Simon Paynton

    That vulgar pastor Robert Jeffress is not going to have sex with a porn star any time soon

    – there’s an attention-grabber.

    Evangelicals understand the concepts of sin and forgiveness

    – or, they just don’t care.  I thought they didn’t approve of porn stars?  I guess they don’t care what someone does for a job.  I pretty much don’t.


    Simon Paynton

    It’s interesting that people are interested in moral reasoning.  The way I do it is to think things like, “would I have to lie about it?”, “if so, why?”, “how does it fulfil the formula, the maximum benefit and minimum harm available for each person in the situation?” and that’s about it.  Beyond that there’s “morality towards myself”, which means, how does something affect myself in the long term, and my interests, and people I claim to care about and therefore protect.  In other words, inclusive fitness, over and above a sense of right and wrong.


    I thought they didn’t approve of porn stars?

    Christian zealotry never ceases to amaze me because it soon followed by stories of bigotry. We need more moral Christian church leaders.I remember once hearing a fanatical Catholic on the radio complaining about the sexual content of some new movie. Apparently the second time she watched it, it appeared to be even more vulgar.

    Here is Matt Baker, the right man for the job. He will know who to call when he feels a little sinful and needs to be punished forgiven. I once shared a house with a few working girls. They were a riot….and for the record we were all just good friends.


    Simon Paynton

    working girls

    – if you ask me, they’re some of the most fun people in the world.



    This weeks’ Woo: Naturopathic doctors are bad for your health.

    Goddamn it I have an appointment with one next week! lol…


    A “real” medical doctor has at least 6 years of scientific training usually followed by working experience in A&E or a specific field of medicine before they get into private practice. That is, they invest a minimum of 10 years of their lives in gaining skills before they open the doors to the public.

    Naturopaths or homeopaths all graduate from the school of Quakademia are not doctors. Many of these snake oil peddlers are downright dangerous.

    Here is an old Sunday School story from a few years back. Avoid them like the plague even if they advertise a cure for it!!



    In the US all the “real” medical doctors are in the pockets of the drug companies. They aren’t real doctors either



    And their lack of knowledge has (for me) been just as dangerous.



    Thanks, Reg!


    Daniel W.

    @Bellen, “In the US all the “real” medical doctors are in the pockets of the drug companies. They aren’t real doctors either” is just plain false.  I practiced Internal Medicine for 20 years. I never once saw a drug rep or accepted samples or money from them.  I had naturopaths for patients.  When they needed real medicine, they saw real medical doctors too.

    @regthefronkeyfarmer, you are right.  Plus, continuous investment of time and money in continuing education, which is required by state medical boards and the specialty boards, to remain current and continously prove competence in their chosen field.


    Not every doctor is good, or listens to patient, or treats people the way they would want their family to be treated.  Some are so overworked by their employers that they run from one patient to the next.  Most doctors have few choices over their schedule, how many patients they see or are responsible for,  or whether they accept emails and phone communications.  Independent physicians are a dying breed.

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    There is also no commandment that says “Thou shalt not have sex with a porn star”.

    No…you are right…that line doesn’t exist anywhere in the bible. However, exploring the intricacies of this book where all your questions are answered in clear, precise and nonambiguous nonconflicting language…we can have some fun. If he/she is your husband/wife, you can do it. However, if he/she doesn’t give up porn making…then you have to punish them…quite severely. If you aren’t married and want to marry them….you’d realize that you should stone the porn star to death before trying to marry him/her. Reason for stonning? Take your pick. There are dozens of them in the old testament. In the new testament…stonning isn’t as in fashion as it was earlier..soimprisonment will do…and once you croak…an eternity in the loving forgiving just God’s underground torture chamber. So you are out of luck in that case.

    However…there are some exceptions to these rules. You could convince everyone to forgive the porn star. Christians are sometimes known to show that compassion they are always on about…when dealing with serious sin. Good luck with that. If you pull it off….then you can marry him/her.

    However, that’s extremely unlikely to happen. A much easier strategy laid out in the bible are its many exceptions. The clearest is: if you are part of an army doing God’s work…and you threaten to invade a town unless they stop their sin or apologize for pissing off the delicate easily offended yet all powerful amazing God…then invade that town you should, with all your smiting skills. After murdering every man and enslaving every child…in some cases, God actually expects you to rape the towns women (if you don’t believe this you have not read the bible). If the woman you happen to rape is a porn star, I doubt God would hold that against you. You were fulfilling his will. As for the new testament, if you try hard enough you can work out an exception.

    So…reading about and analyzing the dictated morality of a book from the stone age, you’ll realize their ethical superiority, written in black and white so you don’t have to work it out much yourself, and you get to sleep with porn stars. Neat huh?

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