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Sunday School May 31st 2020

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    The idea that someone can identify as a gender (as opposed to which chromosone they have)….

    I  think it is liberating that one can live as they feel inside in peace and without discrimination. There are some interesting conundrums however such as a genetic male competing in female sports or seeking asylum in a woman’s shelter. Pro and college sports and many types of facilities and institutions such as the military discriminate based on gender. How are trans, non binary people to participate?


    When it comes to the “Wellness Industry” I can only ever hear this interview with Brian Griffin:



    Simon Paynton

    I think it is liberating that one can live as they feel inside in peace and without discrimination.

    Yes, I think that in a way, liberation for one facilitates liberation for all.  Once one disadvantaged group has its legitimate grievances listened to, the same can happen to another group.

    There are conundrums or conflicts of interest, it seems, between feminism and trans-gender rights.

    I don’t think it’s denying reality to state that some people have gender dysphoria because they feel they’re born in the wrong body.  Many people, including David Carlin, have a hard time swallowing the idea that a man who self-identifies as a woman, is a real woman.  I don’t know if that’s a caricature or straw-man, or a real stated position.  I do think Carlin has a point if he says that some people deny reality in this issue.  For example, it’s been said that biological gender doesn’t exist, and that chromosomes exist on a continuum from male to female.

    This is a whoooollle toxic can of worms.



    Yes. I like how you labelled them as conundrums. Because they are ultimately relatively banal problems. You could say the same about LGTBQ+ rights. At a gay wedding do you have two best men and two separate bachelor parties? When they adopt are they both called daddy? When a gay friend goes to a straight friends bachelor party do you go to a strip joint or a cabaret? Do you call each other sweetie or dude or honey-bunny? I honestly don’t care which team a person plays on nor which bathrooms they use. Their numbers are so small and these issues are easily resolved by just getting over it. As per the woman’s shelter…it is doubly ironic. Because trans people are far far far more likely to be battered or raped than straight women…meaning, they need shelter space at a much higher rate per-capita. Ultimately…it just doesn’t matter. Just as a person with a penis is atypically attracted to other people with penises (and this is hardly controversial at this point in western-civilization) so are an even smaller number one gender trapped in the body of another. If you can accept the first…accepting the second is hardly a stretch. In the huge catalog of mental and sexual anomalies this is hardly surprising. People like Jordan Peterson are stuck in a biblical time-warp. Of all the issues to be concerned about, I’d rate this near the bottom.

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