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Sunday School October 22th 2017

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    Transgender children are banned from the Scouts as they were not indoctrinated into a religion.

    New Mexico is to reconsider changing its education policy and may not now allow the teaching of delusional lies to children. Over in Biloxi you cannot say “Boo Radley” to snowflakes.

    Texas may soon have a tremendous District Court appointment.

    Pakistan sentences three men to death for tearing a poster.

    Turkey is doing its best to dismantle secularism.

    The U.S. is retreating from religion.

    This weeks’ Woo: My wellness is improving now that Goop wins a Rusty Razor award.

    Climate Change: Pollution contributes to the deaths of 1 in 6 people each year.

    I wonder what the three Richard Spencer fans arrested in Florida would make of this article on the genetics of skin color.

    The ABCD guide to making better ethical decisions in the hope of living by an aesthetic principle. Only the morally weak need gods in order to be good but do we self-destruct if we don’t flourish?

    Free Speech wars on campus and the apolitical student.

    The World’s happiest places.

    The future of truth and misinformation online.

    Anthropology and the problems of fossils.

    What is Space?

    What’s the big deal about gravitational waves?

    Is the Universe infinite or finite?

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil…..

    Coffee Break Video: Muhammad and ISIS by Sam Harris.  How LIGO discovered gravitational waves. A different map of the Earth.


    Have a great week everyone!! Sorry for delay in posting today as I was at work.

    “One day when I was praying, it suddenly occurred to me that I was talking to myself.”

    Peter O’Toole, actor.



    Thanks, Reg!


    Simon Paynton

    The ABCD guide to making better ethical decisions

    – I’ll be honest, I can’t argue with most of those things, however, it’s extremely long-winded, and nobody stands a chance of remembering all those things in the heat of the moment.  They should have made each one short and snappy.  Also, it includes that famous duff blooper from Kant:

    Would it be responsible of me if I thought everyone should act this way in my situation?

    which everyone assumes is a thing, because it’s apparently about the only example of a philosophical moral principle that has ever been constructed, however, it’s just not something that comes anywhere near the top of people’s decision-making process.  For moral philosophers, it’s all they’ve got, so they wave it like a flag at every opportunity, but it’s a waste of time.  We sometimes say “how would you feel if everyone did that?” – but not very often.

    For me, these are better, and sum up the heart of the situation well:

    • think about other people besides yourself
    • think about the long term
    • practise virtue – good habits learned through practice

    However, the BigThink page doesn’t have a comments section, which says it all – I presume that the chance of any improvement on their philosophical wonder didn’t occur to them.

    It was James Q Wilson in “On Character” who gave me the idea for that – so, big ups to him, even though he’s no longer with us.  It’s annoying that all these clever moral philosophers waste their lives barking up the wrong tree.


    Simon Paynton

    do we self-destruct if we don’t flourish?

    – I’m contacting James K A Smith with my repost to his unreadable 10000 word essay: this is what I was able to make sense of without going mad:

    The Good is defined as physical and psychological well being, we are motivated by goals, or “anti-goals”, which are whatever we like, however, evolution has guided our entire organism in the direction of seeking thriving/surviving/reproducing.

    and I’ll give him the URL of my website, and I imagine he’ll act like someone just farted, which is what I get 99% of the time.  I presume they’ve spent so long hurtling around in their blind alley that they can’t recognise the real thing when it bites them on the arse.  So, here goes nothing.  I see that he is a Christian, and they normally recognise what they’re seeing because it’s so close to Christianity.

    The honorable exceptions have been Jessica Pierce and Jean Decety, both of whom have given me great ideas.  Theo Hobson said he would have a look, and after that my web traffic doubled for a few months; he is also very informative.

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