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Sunday School September 24th 2023.

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    The latest report on Blasphemy Laws on planet Earth in 2023.

    Atheist Ireland pledges to always use the full phrase ‘freedom of religion or belief’.

    UK: NSS urges nonreligious school to resist evangelism.

    Should the Family Research Council be classified as a terrorist organization?

    Louisiana GOP endorses Christian pastor charged with child cruelty for State House.

    Not religious, not voting? The ‘nones’ are a powerful force in politics – but not yet a coalition.

    There is no hate like Christian love – global trends on abortion laws.

    “The World is an Insane Asylum”: Notes from a Texas Megachurch visit.

    Parents buy industrial-strength bleach tablets from their pastor because prayer does not work.

    World of Woo: Laws based on rapid drug tests are unscientific and unfair.

    Environment:  UN chief laments ‘naked greed’ of fossil fuel interests.

    Why is American Healthcare so expensive?

    Could AI let us talk with animals?

    What were the “dark ages” of the Universe?

    Long Reads: Being able to prepare for death is a complicated luxury. A modern-day Sisyphus seeks the blueprint for immortality. The science of unconscious decision-making. Inside Mexico City’s Surveillance State. Is it true that no man can do what the Kathmandu? Star Trek has a new post prime directive.

    Sunday Book Club:  Humanly Possible. 700 years of humanist freethinking, inquiry and hope.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil……

    Coffee Break video: Paul Offit on religious vaccine exemptions. Robert Sapolsky: “The Brain, Determinism, and Cultural Implications”. (Pre-Order the Book here). More fun with Ken Ham.


    Have a great week everyone!


    On Judgement Day, God conducts a pre-admission interview with a dog and a cat.

    The dog pleads that he has always been “a good boy” and was always loyal and obedient and would sit and beg upon command.

    Imaginary God is much pleased with the dog and pats him on the head.

    He turns to the cat and asks if it was a good cat.

    The cat contemptuously replies, YOU are sitting on my chair!



    Parents buy industrial-strength bleach tablets from their pastor because prayer does not work.

    Jesus fuck. There’s a part of my brain that can almost understand a pathology that causes people to not only reject established medical expertise but to actually replace it with things that are downright dangerous and harmful, but…

    Jesus fuck.


    I end up getting so many of these articles each week that I could despair of humanity. I just accept that there are many dangerous and stupid people about. Irony and laughing at it all keeps me going. Thousands of them ingest bleach to cure a variety of conditions that medial science already has a solution for. Or maybe that’s what I want you to believe!



    Regarding animal intelligence…

    It’s hard to imagine that a bird who understands something it took Archimedes to discover has nothing to say:




    Parents buy industrial-strength bleach tablets from their pastor because prayer does not work.

    10 drops of unscented bleach per gallon preceded by filtering in sand and charcoal and followed by boiling is sufficient to make water potable, but it doesn’t do anything else. And you don’t need a pie-in-the-sky peddler to do that.

    Knowing how to make water potable is much more pressing to many parts of the world and for First World Disaster Preparedness than giving money to religious con-men.

    Oh, and I should add: Any amount of bleach more than 10 drops and any procedure less than filtering and boiling is dangerous. There are also commercial sterilizing and neutralizing tablets available and filtering devices like the LifeStraw, so using bleach, filtering, and boiling should be only when nothing else is available.



    Thanks Reg! 🙂


    Thanks Strega!

    Unseen  – The New Caledonia crow is smarter than the average [……..].


    A NASA Spacecraft comes home with an Asteroid gift for Earth.



    Thanks Strega! Unseen – The New Caledonia crow is smarter than the average [……..].

    What does one count as “intelligence”?



    Reg and Fellow Unbelievers,

    A modern-day Sisyphus seeks the blueprint for immortality.

    While Bryan Johnson and Kate Tolo both have young, buff, great bodies, I see several problems with Bryan Johnson’s approach to life extension and immortality.

    One, an algorithm for life extension and immortality programmed by Johnson’s circle of Doctors is only as good as the information they have and provide (G.I.G.O. Law–“Garbage In, Garbage Out.”). And the algorithm still has to operate on The Law of Non-Contradiction.

    I know this first-hand because I am presently getting contrary and possibly contradictory information from my Primary Care Provider and a Rheumatologist recommended by the Hospital.

    The Rheumatologist wants to keep me on Prednisone and sounds way too enthusiastic about this dangerous drug and my Primary Care Provider is wanting me to wean off of it. The Rheumatologist also wants me to do an IVID regimen that involves 3 visits to the hospital in one month followed by one monthly visit for 6 to 12 months.

    My weight has remained low, my blood sugar is in a safe range, my blood pressure hasn’t too high (when something medically-related doesn’t piss me off, of course,) and I feel stronger and better than ever. My Spidey-Sense tingles about the Rheumatologist’s prescription, so I am definitely getting a second opinion.

    Speaking of second opinions, Bryan Johnson makes a mistake not allowing other Doctors outside of his circle to examine his work. They may have insights on how to do things better.

    Bryan Johnson also may be selling himself short by not considering bio-hacking for optimalization.

    I would think that a regimen for life extension and immortality would include making bodily systems resilient and self-maintaining, so that the pancreas is steel-plated and doesn’t treat a cookie as “an act of violence,” so that liver and brain cells regenerate even if you drink like a fish, so muscles and bones heal from damages that get deadlier with age, so the body does all the functions of sleep without all the down-time of sleep, and so libido, erections, and fertility if desired are entirely at will.

    Bryan Johnson is right about bodies being different on their requirements, since I could not use the creatine in his diet. Excess creatine and ketone were what got me rhabdomyolysis and my last hospital visit.

    One thing is for sure. This story can only end one of two ways: Either Bryan Johnson and Kate Tolo will live forever or they will die trying. Must wait and see…
    ♾️ 🎭 ⚰️

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