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    I’m looking for advice here.

    I would like to read a few books on the following subjects:
    (1) American Indians, both their history and their present situation.
    (2) The Austro-Hungarian Empire.

    I can do the usual web searches, and I have access to JSTORE, but I have found that literate people can often offer advice on titles and sources (web links) that I have not found by brute-force searches.

    In turn, I can offer some wonderful titles for historical fiction.

    • Have you read “Hanta Yo”? It’s like “Roots” for Native Americans.
        • Thanks! I have not read it, nor even heard of it. I’m tolerably ignorant about the history of American Indians, even though I’m a great-great-grandson of Mosholatubee, the chief of the Choctaws, who had to sign the Treat of Dancing Rabbit Hill, which surrendered their good agricultural land in the South, and put them on the Trail of Tears to Oklahoma. (History had one joke on the whites though: one of the things that make Oklahoma less than desirable was the fact that it had this nasty, sticky black tarry stuff oozing up from the ground in various places. Ha ha ha!)

          I’ll read that book.
          I assume you know that there are serious questions, to put it politely, about the factual accuracy of Roots. []
          Of course, a lot of the history I was taught in Texas schoolrooms was little better. [ ]

          People who are willing to hear the raw, bitter truth about their fondest beliefs are rare to non-existent, as every atheist will know.

          (I’ve removed the hypertext transfer protocol abbreviation from those links since the software here says you can’t post ‘too many’ (ie two) links. Glad Big Brother is watching us.)

            • Just found Hanta Yo on UK Amazon, a used copy for a reasonable price. (New, it’s a couple of hundred dollars!)