• jakelafort posted an update 2 weeks, 4 days ago

    Simon, you must enjoy getting a rise out of others.

    • I just tell it like I see it.
      • I’ve always resented orthodoxy.
          • Sand Worms, ya know i hate em. And orthodoxy. Throw in weddings, funerals and terpsichorean fish and goose soirees
              • Those terpsichorean fish show how dead Greek religions can still influence our vocabulary. I suppose they form their own dance schools.

                as they dance around in waves.

                  • Have been fascinated with the behavior of schooling fish moving in unison…it is a dance
                    • Long day’s gambling into night having hit the pick six and losing in spite..
                      Sometimes laconic, hopefully never grandiloquent. If you are fond of laconic visit Laconia New Hampshire where a lacuna is longer than a schooner. I don’t know what the hell i am talkin about. Thanks for the compliment Reg.
                    • My favourite word is petrichor, the “dusty rain smell”. It’s probably a lot of people’s favourite word.
                        • Simon that is new to me. I have a decent vocab and can’t recall seeing that word so i am dubious as to your probably
                            • @jakelafort – I have added a few of your words to my vocab. You have a knack of using uncommon words that are always apt for the statement you make. Using long words at the correct time does not a Sesquipedalian make. So, don’t become pauciloquent, a word you reminded me of not so long ago. (I am sure you won’t ever 😊).