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    _Robert_ - "I would be willing to bet the next 48 hours will be my least favorite of the year. I enjoy the lead up to the stolen holiday, however the actual eve and big day usually find me necessarily being very quite."View
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    Reg the Fronkey Farmer - "A real story. I will update it soon."View
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    Unseen - "@regthefronkeyfarmer I am logged in so why can’t I reply to something in Sunday School? I see others hiave. At some point do replies get turned off for one and all, or am I being picked on (LOL)?"View
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    Davis - "Really I think these are three of the top five most important arguments to have on hand when dealing with stupid woo and religion: Humans always believing in stupid shit doesn’t make that stupid shit any less […]"View
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    PopeBeanie - "In spite of the “ism” suffix, I don’t think of atheism as an idealism as much as it is an anti-idealism. I only fly my atheist flag because of religious idealisms that claim to be the only true religion, or the […]"View
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    Simon Paynton - "This diagram makes more sense, showing the comorbidity rather than shared traits."View
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