Atheism and Spirituality

Atheist seeking spirituality?

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    I do think that we ALL know deep down that we are connected to “God”/”The Great Sprit” whatever you want to call “it/him/her.”

    I mean really…you have totally lost all intellectual dignity when you resort to bullshit like this. I could easily say “I do think that ALL religious people know deep down that their preposterous childish beliefs are totally whacko”. But that’s simply not true. Despite spending much of their lives trying to convince themselves (and relentlessly convince others) that their version of a deity really is actually real along with its insane qualities…they don’t realise deep down how stupid it is. Just as most atheists don’t harbor some pseudo belief in magical fairytales that they simply aren’t able to admit. They’ve simply joined the band of humans who have grown out of our propensity for making up silly stuff to explain what they don’t know (at least in this sense) and rid themselves of this time wasting unpleasantness. It is ever so slightly scrumdiculous to tell other people what they really know/think deep down.

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    @everyone (because I’m not sure anymore who is debating what) So because I’m atheist, I can’t use the word ‘spiritual’ to describe something that doesn’t relate to a God?

    You can use it, but the only way to avoid having to defend is not to use it here. This is what we do here. We discuss and challenge people’s notions and the language they use to express them.



    Belle Rose


    I could easily say “I do think that ALL religious people know deep down that their preposterous childish beliefs are totally whacko”. But that’s simply not true.

    You never know. The truth is not found in the extremes on either side, it’s always somewhere in the middle.

    It’s like they say, There’s three sides to every story. Your side, my side, and the truth.

    And the truth will set you free…

    (Sorry I could not resist LOL) 😂

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    Our vibrating mass of molecules that we call our bodies, our subconscious and conscious minds, the variety of frequencies we experience….that’s spiritual, the essence of living to me. One a small scale.

    There was a TV show today called “Mystic Britain” or something like that and this new age type guy was standing in a circle of ancient placed stones and talking about how there was a energy conduit that runs right through that site.

    I can tell when people have not studied physics. The word “energy” is used to name a very specific, well-known and calculable property. These woo peddlers hijack scientific terms and destroy their meaning. There is nothing ‘spiritual’ about periodic signals and their associated frequency ranges… from DC and audio all the way up to microwaves and the light spectrum. The great mathematicians Laplace and Fourier discovered you can “transform” periodic and certain other signals from the “time domain” to the “frequency domain”. That discovery helps us to understand so many things, from seismic activity to pulsars to heart valve problems.


    Simon Paynton

    connection to something bigger… What is this “bigger than ourselves” thing that you can connect to?

    the present moment of reality


    Simon Paynton

    You see, three different people have three different perceptions of what “spiritual” means.  We’re allowed to, because it’s a broad word.  I think they’re all linked up by

    the essence of living


    There is only “Now“.

    I only exist in the present moment (of my reality). I do not see my existence as something spiritual. I see it as natural and at this present moment I feel connected to the natural world. There is no other place I can exist in.



    Belle Rose

    There is Only now.”

    Sam Harris’s video is moving….but you can arrive at that same place by reading Matthew 6:25-34…so who is right? Both? Or maybe the question is which one is wrong? It is…..yes that’s right…..subjective……

    Wow. Sam Harris speaking a subjective truth? He couldn’t be!!!

    On a serious note, I do think that our brain’s ability to project out into the future our future selves based on the decisions we might make today is extremely important and should not be discounted. That is one way we avoid falling into that trap of wasting our lives on meaningless nonsense if we have any sense of proper motivation….That’s not trivial either


    Except according to 1Cor 6:19 your body is not your own even if your body is more important than your clothes in Matthew 6:25.

    Want a Bible face-off??? 🙂


    Belle Rose

    As long as I’m granted amnesty lol 😂 considering it’s against site rules (but I’m all about the spirit of the law not the letter of the law)


    What do you mean by “spirit” of the law? OK, my bad. 🙂

    Nay, we can do it offline if you want.


    Jody Lee

    Being told how I should interpret things are something that Christian’s around me would do….

    I’ll use spiritual to describe the process in which we live and breath and transform…and I’ll defend it as best as I can.



    Same Harris may be the type of person that needs to be reminded to live in the now, but I know a lot of people whose lives would likely benefit if they did at least some planning for the future. There is a balance. The responsible ones don’t get to live in the now as much because they are always bailing  the instant gratification junkies out of trouble.


    Simon Paynton

    I agree, we have a past, present and future, and we need to recognise all three.

    But, the present is 1) where we actually live, so it’s important to be in it; 2) where we prepare for the future.  Our actions now make our future.



    I think they’re all linked up by…the essence of living

    Sigh. I give up.

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