Neuroscientists on Consciousness

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    Christopher Koch

    Portrait of Christof Koch, from Allen Institue of Brain Science

    (Thanks to Reg for the first two links below which I’ve borrowed from his post.)


    Podcasts (list last updated 2019 SEP 20)

    Panpsychism and Integrated Information Theory – Redefining (perhaps) how the word panpsychism, which has tended to invoke a cosmic dualism sort of extra-consciousness. (I personally hope to scientifically explain feelings (e.g. the feeling of spirituality) such that someone experiencing it has to reconsider what it really means. In this case, go ahead and feel it, enjoy it, and talk about it, but also consider that it’s essentially NOT what people have traditionally said it is. And conversely, scientists have habitually avoided trying to explain where the feeling might come from. Ditto for trying to explain consciousness itself, until recently. Come on scientists, we will increasingly be able to explain what’s happening in our brains at the moment when we’re actually feeling it.)

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