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Sunday School 18th October 2020

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    Why is it so hard for atheists to get voted in to Congress?

    Trump secretly mocks his Christian supporters even though he is almost as famous as Jesus.

    White Christians continue to favor Trump over Biden, but support has slipped.

    What if Amy Coney Barrett were Muslim? How conservative is she anyway?

    A faith healing school in California fails to heal itself.

    The Russian government is now persecuting Pastafarians!

    This weeks’ Woo: Astrology.

    Climate Crisis:  Little Ice Age lessons.

    Natural herd immunity to COVID-19 is not the best strategy to take.

    How Christian nationalism may determine whether you wear a mask.

    Meet the zeptosecond, the shortest unit of time ever measured.

    Could Schrödinger’s cat exist in real life?

    Does the spirit of ‘Je Suis Charlie’ endure in France today?

    Climate Change helped drive Homo sapiens’ cousins extinct while we Humans are more closely related than we might think. Are we nearly there yet?

    You don’t have free will, but don’t worry.

    Long Reads:  The dangerous rise of military AI. The case for taking AI seriously as a threat to humanity. Free Speech in the age of disinformation. The Antifa invasion of Forks, Washington. Pathways in the urban wilds.

    This week I am reading this book: The Knowledge Machine: How Irrationality Created Modern Science. (another review can be found here).

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil……

    Coffee Break Video:  I really enjoyed this video – The Catholic Church just destroyed itself with logic.  Survival of the fittest is a misunderstood term. Bill Maher – atheists make better judges. Mr. Betty Bowers on the nonsense junkies.


    Have a great week everyone!



    Thanks, Reg!



    “White Christians continue to favor Trump over Biden, but support has slipped.”

    Trump support is plummeting in the suburbs, especially among women. His bullying, boorish performance in the first debate got a lot of them off the fence. A final debate is coming up on Thursday and my guess is that Trump will lose even more support because he has no idea how to discipline himself. He’s desperate and attacking is his only natural response to such a situation. All Biden has to do is talk under Trump and he can count on hundreds of thousands of new converts.

    Still, there are two important facts to realize: 1) most Americans have already decided whom to vote for and 2) voting is already underway in a few states and turnout is two or three times more than normal. Both Dems and Republicans claim this favors them.


    I saw some photos from northern Atlanta and I think it might turn blue. Turnout was at a record high and everyone was wearing masks. I am not assuming this means they were all Democrats…….but there were no red maga hats to be seen. I was in that area in Nov 2016 and it was a sea of red. I cannot imagine what it would take for someone to be unsure of who to vote for at this stage!





    Greetings Reg – it’s been a while.  I just ordered Michael Stevens “The Knowledge Machine”, which I see you are reading.  I’m curious about the “scientific” knowledge of ancient people.  Of course, the people of the ancient near eastern civilizations such as Sumer and other ancient Mesopotamian people had their religious beliefs. I’m also pretty confident they still planted crops and fashioned all kinds of tools and equipment, realizing that the “natural course of events” far outweighed divine intervention.  These people, I suspect, were as intelligent and capable as any modern person.



    Reg and Fellow Unbelievers,

    First of all, let me say that it is wonderful that there is a Sunday School that will never tell a 9-year-old kid that he will have the plagues of The Holy Bible added to his head if he adds to the book, and that his name will be taken from The Book of Life if he takes words out of  The Holy Bible…all cited to him from the last verses of Revelation on a Christmas Day!

    Thank you for not being that Sunday School. 🤒😊




    It looks like this is a relatively painless Sunday School.  Though some of the content may be disputable, it also affords opportunity for clarity.

    Hemant Mehta’s take on Catholic Contortionism over Baptism was a scream!   He is like a new Andy Rooney without the scolding trademark CBS Eye hovering over him.

    Bad news about Russia’s Pastafarians.  It looks like Russia’s Fascists  need a friendly visit from some O.G. Italian Fascists defending  Il Deo Spaghettio.


    And “Zeptosecond?”  Is that the amount of time one of the Marx Brothers takes to get a laugh? 🙃


    Much food for thought here.


    It looks like this is a relatively painless Sunday School.

    I was going to post about new allegations of sexual abuse within various church cults but decided against it. There is enough weird shit going on at the moment. I even suspect the Catholic church waits until everyone is per-occupied with other news before it reveals any more of its own dirt.

    Though some of the content may be disputable, it also affords opportunity for clarity.

    I should hope so. I often don’t agree with what I post 🙂

    I like your Marx quote.

    Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others





    Well, it wasn’t really a Marx quote, it was a quote from me about the Marx Brothers.  And it used malapropism because the brother I had in mind was Zeppo, not Zepto.

    “Where did this Zepto come from?  Is he the one who never outgrew the Thanksgiving kiddie table?  This is the most ridiculous science talk I ever hoid!” 😁

    On a more serious note, I disagree with Religion News here.   I don’t see either Christianity or Nationalism as being “Individualistic,” much less when put together to form “Christian Nationalism.”  Both ideas put some “higher” good over the individual.

    Also, to my way of thinking, Individualism means respecting the individual rights and well-being of others as well as one’s self, so I see nothing anti-Individualist about legitimate health concerns over communicable diseases.  Hygiene and social distancing is taking care of yourself which cares for others as a consequence.

    (Besides, keeping two arm’s length was and is an act of both courtesy and self-defense with or without COVID-19.  It gives respect for the personal space of others while reinforcing respect for your own.  The extra distance requires an extra effort for an aggressor to breach and gives some time to respond.)




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