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Sunday School August 21st 2022

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    Robert i get that. However it is a semantic ambiguity that takes us to a conceptual ambiguity. What is evidence? What is meant by absence of evidence.

    I think most people understand evidence to be something tangible that proves or tends to prove something. In legal matters it is the smoking gun. So lets suppose there is a police investigation of a crime scene. Dusted for prints and finds prints. Dusted for prints and does not find prints. The prints are evidence. I think that is not challengeable. No prints might create an inference but it is not evidence.

    The investigation is aimed at discovering evidence. Is it fair to conceive of that investigation as evidence?



    Bear in mind that things we do today would have been deemed to be supernatural or magic just a few hundred years ago.

    Every belief we have is based on what we know now. Until Gödel came along, we thought of mathematics as an impenetrable edifice of knowledge buttressed by what we thought was the fact that it all could be proven, in principle, if not in fact. Then Kurt came along and called “bullshit” on it.

    I hope no one’s interpreting my position to mean I’m saying I can’t be wrong, though in the case of contradictory attributes I think I’m on very solid ground. Like I said, if I’m wrong, I must be dreaming or delusional and am not living in the world I thought I knew.

    I’m as sure God doesn’t exist as I am that there’s no dark side of the Sun.



    I’m as sure God doesn’t exist as I am that there’s no dark side of the Sun.

    I agree if we are talking about the mess of a god that is the god of Abraham. He cannot exist as described by scriptures, at least. Perhaps a subset could. I have no idea about most of the other gods. Are they feasible? I highly doubt it. I certainly see no evidence to say any of them exist.

    However, unless science can prove the Universe could not have been caused by intelligence…there is nothing much else you can conclude.

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)

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