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Sunday School February 12th 2023

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    Happy Darwin Day!

    70% of White evangelical parents say it is important that they indoctrinate their children with the same religious beliefs.

    Spiritual Warfare breaks out among the Trump-Loving prophetic community. Did they not foresee this?

    Democrats pass resolution condemning ‘white religious nationalism’.

    You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can also fool most of the people most of the time.

    Hajipour’s ‘Baraye’, anthem of Iran’s protests, wins a Grammy award.

    Ron DeSantis is on a dystopian crusade against public education.

    Study explores pathways to atheism among communities of color, LGBTQ+.

    Sandi Toksvig starts a petition to remove bishops from the House of Lords.

    Take action to help stop an Oklahoma City Catholic charter school.

    World of Woo: Is it Forensics or is it Junk Science?

    Environment: Earth has lost one-fifth of its wetlands since 1700 – but most could still be saved.

    What Near-Death Experiences reveal about the brain.

    Is atheism unnatural?

    How do we know the timeline of our Universe?

    Scientists answer the fundamental question of how life began on Earth.

    When Life imitates Art in Ukraine.

    Long Reads: Did Humanity really arise in one place? A key to consciousness could lie in “perceptual diversity”. The Defiance of Salman Rushdie. On social trust with people outside our tribe.

    Sunday Book Club: Beyond Belief: How Pentecostal Christianity is Taking Over the World.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil……

    Coffee Break Video:  There is no Algorithm for Truth. The Universe in 90 minutes with Sean Carroll. Some Sundays, like today, I go wandering around pre-Christian Ireland. God visits a Prayer Group.


    Have a great week everyone! For those that will be watching the Superbowl, please storm the gates of Hell at half time when Rihanna comes for your kids.



    Thanks, Reg!!



    Thanks Reg

    eating Fajitas, Queso, and lots of Guac during the Super Bowl.

    Will be watching for that opening of the gates of hell (lol) when Rihanna takes the stage


    Noel, it’s not all the satanic gyrations that get to me man….it’s learning to get along with the voices inside a my head 😉




    Speaking of The Super Bowl, the Goldwater Institute scored a big victory for freedom of expression against the City of Phoenix’s attempt create a Potemkin Village for the NFL by censoring signs of private property owners.

    VICTORY! Court Orders Phoenix to Stop Censoring People for the Super Bowl
    February 2, 2023

    VICTORY! Court Orders Phoenix to Stop Censoring People for the Super Bowl

    The Goldwater Institute was, of course, named after Senator Barry Goldwater, a great defender of Separation of Religion and State and of political and economic freedom in general.

    Even before this ruling, if I were in Phoenix in the so-called “clean zone,”. I would be defiantly sporting not just one, but three signs:

    One would say:

    “In this house, we hold Life, Liberty, Property, and The Pursuit of Happiness to be Inalienable Individual Rights, including the right to Freedom of Expression and ownership of the means to defend them!”

    Another would say:

    “Hatred for censorship, repression, and tyranny over the mind and body of Individuals has a very happy home here!”

    And the final sign would be a portrait of Barry Goldwater with a caption saying:

    “In Your Heart–And In Your Mind–You Know He Was And Is Right!”. 🗽 🎆 🇺🇲 🏈 😁

    Hope everybody enjoys The Super Bowl! I”ll be working very hard ringing up beer and snacks for the customers at that time but I’ll enjoy the commercials and half-time show via YouTube, as they are usually my favorites.

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    I recall Goldwater did have integrity and a functional brain and I think he would be labelled a liberal by the right today. He actually rejected the support of racist klan members that the philosophy consistently attracts. Holy shit, Congresswoman empty Greene sets a low bar.



    When the republican party sucked face with the evangelicals they sold their soul to a toilet bowl.


    It would be unsettling for Barry Goldwater that such a case needed to be taken to court. Did the “other side” not see the problem with having to ask the government to give you permission to speak when you already have that right assured by the Constitution? Can you hear him and William F. Buckley debating that on a panel show?  I wonder what he would make of the current tranche of Republicans in Arizona. He, even with ‘The Conscience of a Conservative’ ideas would be appalled with them, imo.  He would definitely be disgusted with the White Evangelical movement, especially its overtly racist element.  Why do the intellectual and coherent modern-day Republicans not say enough is enough and reclaim their party? That would even help the Democrats to sit up straight.  Then America would once again hear varied opinions across the political and social spectrum. The political trenches surrounding a no-man’s-land ever monitored by social media jerks and cranks would lose much of its validity and only the even minded commentators would remain. Polarization would be for the extremists but the norm would be a good mix of blue and red. Crossing the aisle would be an easy bi-directional stroll and not a mission ensuring next election death.



    Rihanna was as demure as a burgler defacating on the bed after stealing everything.



    The game was good. I have not followed pop music since the early 90s, so I did not recognize a single one of her poorly lip-sync’d jingles.

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