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Sunday School June 25th 2017

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    While a Catholic bishop continues his churches 2000 year old cruel and vulgar traditions just who else sees discrimination?

    In Iraq Islamic leaders are happy to deny constitutional rights to atheists as they fear their rising numbers.

    Truth be told, this is a tremendous list of lies compiled by the anti-religious shadow government that even has witches chanting trouble while their cauldrons bubble.

    Turkey intends to stop teaching evolution in schools.

    Red Flags, Fallacies and Bad Analogies.

    Ok, take time out to laugh in disbelief.

    Happy Pride Day from Dublin.

    This weeks’ Woo: Even if she steam cleans her own vagina, Gwyneth Paltrow should now put her jade eggs in her mouth and just stop talking.

    Climate Change: Unless carbon emissions plummet up to 75% of humanity will soon face deadly heatwaves.

    The oldest fossils ever found are almost as old as the Earth.

    Science can help us become mentally stronger.

    Metaphysics and multiverses are eliminated when we describe the Universe as only having the illusion of structure.

    Some modern philosophers you might like to discover.

    The poet John Mansfield wrote that the call of the sea is a wild call that cannot be denied. I have sometimes thought that this sensation is instinctive but my urge to look upwards is always there. I can travel far and wide in my imagination but I smile most when I remind myself that my curiosity will always be much greater than my knowledge. I don’t even know what it is like to be a bat!

    Ten things we did not know last week. Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil.…..

    Coffee Break Video:  The Evolution of Jesus in the Bible. A visual history of human knowledge.


    Have a great week everyone!!

    If I see two men doing good, one because he takes himself to be commanded to it by a supernatural agency and the other solely because he cares about his fellow man, I honour the latter infinitely more.” – A. C. Grayling



    Thank you, Reg!


    Simon Paynton

    Some modern philosophers you might like to discover

    – I like what Philip Kitcher says, it echoes what Steven Hawking said, that a good model can create a reality of its own.

    A great scientific theory, like Newton’s, opens up new areas of research… Because a theory presents a new way of looking at the world, it can lead us to ask new questions, and so to embark on new and fruitful lines of inquiry.



    TAPS: Thoughts and prayers… isn’t working… You Think!!!

    This is the gun lobby’s placebo for “13,000 Americans killed a year by guns”, for “one mass shooting per day in the United States” and “Over the course of the year, 45 of those will be school shootings”.

    What dumb ass’s. The conversation has to go like this, “Hey did you hear about all the little kids mowed down by the guy who was nuts as shit?” … “Oh my god let’s keep them in our thoughts and prayers!”… freakin’ Ground Hog Day every time it happens again and again and again…. Assholes!!!

    Oh yeah, Thanks Reg for Sunday School… Today’s edition has got me pining for a sedative (LOL)… Sorry about the rant….


    This article makes for grim reading as shooting is now the third leading cause of death for America’s children. On a lighter note there is an app for TAPS.



    Thank you Reg. I’m sooo upset over the climate deal. Climate change deniers are sooooo infuriatingly stupid. It pisses me the fuck off to no end.

    Well this week I’ll be doing my part, shaking Al Gore’s hand 🙂


    Belle Rose – you might ask Mr. Gore to spend time debunking denialists like Rick Perry and his ilk. He should accuse such politicians of being a threat to national security.


    Thanks Simon,

    While I don’t think Hawking cares much for philosophical enquiry into matter of science, or at least physics, it is better to welcome new ideas than cherish old ones. He says as much on the first page of “The Grand Design”. Science, not religion or philosophy is now “our torch of discovery”. The religious and the philosophers can only contemplate the meanings of new scientific theories or discoveries. The former finds that another gap where their gods dwelt has been filled but at least the latter can give us something worthwhile to consider. New scientific discoveries are made by standing on the shoulders of giants but to make philosophy a worthwhile endeavour we need to understand that the study of philosophy is but the introduction to philosophy, as Hegel once wrote.


    You are most welcome Strega 🙂






    The very idea that reliable knowledge can be gained through a certain method of inquiry is a philisophical argument and science was born from philosophical arguements (Aristotle’s early investigation into nature is pseudo-scientific). However making the claim: “science is the torch of discovery” is as philosophical an argument as you can get. It’s an epistomological argument, metaphysical argument, sociological argument and cosmological argument all rolled into one fat statement.

    What is incredibly ironic about Hawkins is that his book “A Brief History of Time” is more philosophical that scientific in many sections. And yet he trashes philosophy. It’s a little bit like a physicist talking about the marvels of GPS satellites and how they confirm relativity….and then trash engineering (you know…the people who made those satellites).Forget the fact that he brings up the ethics of artificial inteligence frequently (which is almost pure philosophy) and the dangers of social interaction with other aliens (also philosophical). Not to mention the fact that he is a theoretical physicists, dealing with highly abstract ideas and constantly trying to make sense of them at a cosmological level. I wonder if he is being silly on purpose.

    Total weirdos

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    Yeah, I dont understand why Dawkins or Krauss diss philosophy…..their view seems narrow. I see Hitchens as a philosopher, I wonder what Dawkins would say about that.


    Here is an interesting discussion between a philosopher, Julian Baggini and a scientist, Lawrence Krauss.



    Here is an interesting discussion between a philosopher, Julian Baggini and a scientist, Lawrence Krauss.


    Krauss is aggressive with his assumptions and conclusions. I don’t think we will run out of mysteries before we go extinct.  I do lean to his side, however….philosophy and it’s wonderful history are very useful tools.

    Practically speaking we will probably disappear from existence before answering the big questions.


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