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Sunday School June 9th 2019

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    Satan is doing one hell of a job “rebuilding that wall” for the good of all citizens. It will mean less discrimination against atheists and help Christians to learn to love their neighbors.  I suspect it will not be the end of the long running battle between social conservatives and secular liberals. Maybe we should light a prayer candle to help them or would money produce different results? Maybe then Christians and Satanists will be able to board the same flights together.

    Meanwhile followers of the Cuddly One are still being tempted to not take personal responsibility for their own actions. I suppose that is because the Catholic Church leads by example.

    Can you spot any flaws in these arguments by a recent Templeton Prize winner? I strongly disagree with this article that teaching Evolution should be a sensitive issue.

    Creationist Ken Ham never lets me down.

    This weeks’ Woo: Traditional Chinese Medicine.

    Climate Crisis: Here’s the Green Deal.

    Did Time have a beginning? The Multiverse hypothesis.

    Beauty is more than skin deep. It is a moral matter.

    What findings do skeptical psychologists still believe in?

    The birthplace of humanity’s tool kit is found.

    I am determined to listen to arguments for Free Will to challenge my own views.

    Did James make the right Final Jeopardy bet?

    Long Reads: Ireland’s strange and cruel asylum system.

    This week I am reading this book: 1984.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil…..

    Coffee Break Video: TED: The most detailed map of galaxies ever made. How fast is the Earth traveling through space? Bill Maher walks into a bar.


    Have a great week everyone!!

    “We are here because one odd group of fishes had a peculiar fin anatomy that could transform into legs for terrestrial creatures; because the earth never froze entirely during an ice age; because a small and tenuous species, arising in Africa a quarter of a million years ago, has managed, so far, to survive by hook and by crook. We may yearn for a ‘higher answer’– but none exists”.

    Stephen Jay Gould.



    RE:Bill Maher walks into a bar.

    I grew up in the 60’s and used to joke how parents didn’t care that much. They laughed holding their martinis as we rode our bikes through the DDT fog behind the truck and smoked in the car with closed windows. My father punched me in the eye when I came home crying that I was bullied. He denied me wearing glasses and said my eyes would grow weaker. Bottles of lye under the sink and loaded guns were in the nightstand drawer. We watched as grandma flushed the newborn kittens down the toilet. We all knew the sting of a leather belt well. I was pleasantly surprised when I left home. Things actually got easier, LOL.


    Simon Paynton

    Beauty is more than skin deep. It is a moral matter.

    Why is the “good” beautiful?

    Moreover, while the good is, or should be, desirable for its own sake, the beautiful is desirable because it’s pleasurable.

    Because it’s pleasurable to be around and observe.  I remember that @robert asked once if it’s possible to fall in love online: I believe I’ve fallen in love twice online, with people’s inner beauty.

    I don’t think it’s just the “good” that is beautiful, but rather, it applies to any qualities we find desirable and admirable.



    Thanks, Reg!


    While not in the same league as the Bishop of Bling, this bishop in West Virginia has been living it up so much that Jesus must be spinning in his grave.

    Also the Mexican ‘apostle’, arrested for child rape, keeps his leadership role as the spiritual head of his church.

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