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Sunday School November 12th 2017

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    Paul Ryan says that “prayer works” because gun rights groups give him money. Wrong, the Texas shooting was either the fault of atheists or part of Obama’s communist revolution. Faux News reports that Church is the best place to be murdered as you are closer to Jesus.

    Several ex-Jehovah Witnesses have been disrupting meetings to inform members of the abuse they have suffered.

    In Virginia, a transgender woman defeats the chief homophobe to help fix traffic congestion. Si, se puede! Well, yes they did too.

    When people tell me that they are not religious but are spiritual, I stop listening because they will not tell me what that means.

    Atheist sues to remove “So help me God” from citizenship oath.

    In Canada, Julie Payette makes some non-random comments.

    Turkey goes crazy with religious piety.

    This weeks’ Woo: Flat Earth International Conference 2017.

    Climate Change: As the world heats up, only one nation has not signed the Paris Agreement.

    I have observed that my cat is too lazy to ever exist in a superposition.

    Why was the Universe dark for so long?

    Not every woman is happy with the #MeToo movement but we do need to consider sexual etiquette in greater detail. A better understanding of the genetic differences between men and women should lead to gender equality  rather than sexual stereotyping.

    Religious affiliation at the end of life is changing globally.

    Why do we engage in acts of kindness? To improve our sense of morality we should not cling to any primitive ideas about it. All systems need to have compassion and empathy if they are to be of value to us.

    The annual Christian persecution fantasy is coming.

    Oh no! It’s the invasion of the Zombie Ants.

    I still want to go to School today.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil…..

    Coffee Break Video: I am not preoccupied with Roy Moore!! Why do some humans cling to religion? Must be because Heaven is real.


    Have a great week everyone!!

    Science is like a blabbermouth who ruins a movie by telling you how it ends! Well I say there are some things we don’t want to know! Important things!

    Ned Flanders.



    Thanks, Reg!



    Re “I still want to go to school today” for some reason, picture number 8 hit me the hardest.



    Thanks Reg for those links. Very interesting.


    Picture number 20 has an air of hope to it. I was reminded of ice-cream when I saw her smile.




    Cheers Brodie, you are most welcome. All feedback appreciated.



    Thank you Reg! Always appreciated. The sunshine on a cloudy day….

    I was surprised to know I’m not the only woman upset about the #metoo movement. Honestly I thought it was just me lol…



    @robert hahahahahahahahahaha!


    Simon Paynton

    Why do we engage in acts of kindness?

    – the arguments given for why we feel the urge to be kind to people in general, are unconvincing.

    The key to understanding it is this:

    The benefits gained from receiving kindness are intuitively obvious. But the motivations for engaging in kindness are much less so.

    – motivations.  The altruistic motivations we feel today started life 2 million years ago on the savannah as practical survival strategies that we absolutely had to follow, or starve.

    In fact, the very existence of kindness and altruism seems to contradict Darwin’s theory of evolution, based as it is on a competitive process of natural selection in which only the fittest survive.

    – because early humans had to work together to survive, individual intention became joint intention, individual goals became shared goals, and individual payoffs became shared payoffs.

    In these conditions, each adult had more or less a 100% stake in each individual they were working with.  Other individuals, who were good cooperators, were a valuable commidity who needed to be kept in good shape.  Therefore, it makes sense to help these people as needed.



    I wish I could take my son to Syria to see the conditions where kids go to school there… Then maybe he wouldn’t complain about going to school every day, seeing the luxury that he has. We are such a spoiled brats in this country it’s not even funny

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    Simon Paynton

    In other words, for human beings, self interest is joint interest, and this is reflected in our generalised instincts in this direction.

    It’s also interesting to look at the way compassion is displayed by other species, for example, among chimpanzees and bonobos, domestic dogs (who will help both adults and children), dolphins and whales, and elephants.

    Two common factors stand out among these social species: intelligence and rudimentary cooperation.  The ability to recognise need in another being seems to be a higher cognitive function.  In dogs (wolves), dolphins, killer whales, and elephants, there is also cooperative breeding, which means that an infant will be adept at searching for care from many carers, and carers will be adept at looking after unrelated infants.  We would expect this to increase the skill in, desire for, and scope of compassionate behaviour.


    Hi Belle, you could ask your son which picture he thinks is best. Don’t ask him why he likes it best but instead ask him to explain why he does not like the other ones as much.


    Gary Bergeron

    The “War on Christmas” brings back a memory every year now.

    Back in 1968, I was 10 yrs. old. My mother, her sister, and my grandmother would pool the little money they had to buy a box of assorted Christmas cards. It was my job to hand out the cards and enjoyed looking at the pictures. My favorite ones were the kids sledding down snowy hills; We didn’t get snow down in Louisiana. The other pictures had “Season’s Greetings”, “Happy Holiday”, “Have a joyous season”. Other cards had Jesus and the Mother Mary. Merry Christmas, and all that.

    Now, my family were devout Christians. Raging Catholics. Bottles of Holy Water, blessed medals of all the saints, and framed pictures of Jesus everywhere!….No outrage. There wasn’t : “Oh! Look Iola! This one says Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas!”….Nothing. Perhaps their faith was strong and today faith is paper thin or it could be that we live in a 500 channel universe with a prominent social media?

    I like Christmas. I get to get drunk with friends! 🙂



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