• I think they’re all linked up by…the essence of living

    Sigh. I give up.

  • I do think that we ALL know deep down that we are connected to “God”/”The Great Sprit” whatever you want to call “it/him/her.”

    I mean really…you have totally lost all intellectual dignity when you resort to bullshit like this. I could easily say “I do think that ALL religious people know deep down that their preposterous childish beliefs are…[Read more]

  • So because I’m atheist, I can’t use the word ‘spiritual’ to describe something that doesn’t relate to a God?

    We’re adults. And as atheists I’d say, in a sense, we are also more adult-like in some intellectual ways. And adults get to make up their own rules. So no, there is nothing stopping you from using spiritual if you like. I simply recommend…[Read more]

  • the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.

    Yeah you’ve just defined something referring to two other things that are extremely vaguely defined. “The human spirit”? Sounds like an enormous box where you put everything that’s difficult to sum upto words. “Soul”. I think there are about…[Read more]

  • @davis – we can give you definitions til we’re blue in the face, but you will probably continue to ignore them.

    That’s because you rarely give a definition that actually describes things in meaningful ways. They are full of weasel words, vagueries, subject avoiding, non-committal references and basically ever device imaginable to avoid making any…[Read more]

  • …cherry pick and twist my words. You’re really good at that

    We have an expression in Spanish (…lo dijo Blas…). It refers to any situation where someone cries “foul” but in reality that person is as guilty or flagrantly drippingly guilty of the very thing they’re complaining someone else does.

    …cherry pick and twist my words. You’re rea…

    [Read more]

  • So to keep to buy original example about the soul, I think there are both physical and spiritual aspects of our being

    Yeah well what does spiritual mean? What do you mean by this statement? I cannot understand it. Please elaborate

     atheists fully understand and the lens through which we describe what we think we know depends upon our world…

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  • It seems then that your view aligns with most of ours and you are referring more to awe and fascination than anything. Which is very admirable. I highly recommend ditching the term spirituality. I’m yet to read a single text, book or comment referring to spirituality in a secular sense that didn’t confuse or overcomplicate things. Nothing is…[Read more]

  • Thanks, Reg!!

  • Davis posted an update in the group Group logo of Atheism and SpiritualityAtheism and Spirituality 5 days, 15 hours ago

    I think the word “spiritual” is damaged good. It comes along with too much baggage, including highly religious rituals, some fairly dangerous forms of spirituality like hyper-fasting and mental manipulation (not always so safe) and the practice of alternative medicine (which can even be deadly). I think what you’d be wise to do is simply do the…[Read more]

  • Davis replied to the topic Trying to understand them in the forum Politics 6 days, 3 hours ago

    Zheesh. No pussy blues. It seems that asking again and again and not taking no…the only logical solution is to keep stalking the person with more and more invasive and elaborate proposals and when all else fails…wail out your frustration so the whole world can hear your unique and unheard of not-getting-laid-pain. If you are a guy and you face…[Read more]

  • Davis replied to the topic Trying to understand them in the forum Politics 6 days, 5 hours ago

    Will Incels volunteer to support a straight pride parade or will they feel compelled to organize their own? See the video in this link to share in the excitement of the day 🙂

    Can you imagine the kind of spectacle an incel pride parade would be? Would they play Chopin’s Funeral March in the background and give away all their unused condoms to all…[Read more]

  • Davis replied to the topic Trying to understand them in the forum Politics 6 days, 8 hours ago

    It’s not a culture war, it’s one side insisting on and ensuring their right to equality in society and a minority of loud shitheads reacting to this with a persecution complex. A culture war would imply mass engagement, mass agreement and mass conflict. It’s just not there. It’s a minority on one side fighting for everyone’s rights (which should…[Read more]

  • Secular democratic countries with an open society (think humanist ideals) have been the most successful nations ever seen on Earth. Especially those which have incorporated many Marxist ideals without the hopeless Lenninist/Maoist style nightmare qualities. They win in just about every category imaginable: personal rights, health, education,…[Read more]

  • While trying not to sound too conspiratorial I suspect that many of the “violent agitators” are actually under the control of Chinese intelligence.

    You’d be pretty naive if you don’t take this claim, at the very least, quite seriously. Most activists and democracy campaigners, as well as the media (indirectly) pretty much take Chinese gov…[Read more]

  • I admire what the protesters are doing in Hong Kong very much and they are bloody idiots if the give up now. China is a growing menace. There was a time when one thought China was doing things extremely intelligently with a slow inching towards more freedom and openess. Their semi-control of the economy was extremely well managed, responsibly with…[Read more]

  • Davis replied to the topic Is it just me? in the forum Small Talk 1 week, 1 day ago

    I don’t accept the excuse that prisoner abuse and police incompetence can be justified through a series of lame excuses. Yeah bad things happen because of bad management and bad policies. It also happens because of some rotten people and just about every good uniformed officer who cover up for and defend their colleagues who do horrendous things.…[Read more]

  • Davis replied to the topic Is it just me? in the forum Small Talk 1 week, 2 days ago

    In any case, whether some would find a humiliating trial a horror or a joke, if confronting your abuser would be cathartic or hell I still think it is pretty irrelevant compared to the most important aspects:

    1. A public trial forces the issue out in the open, boys and girls are easily enslaved for sex, thrown from one rich scum-bucket to the…[Read more]

  • Hey Reg, thanks, family invasion yesterday so I kind of lost Sunday!

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