• I think the reactions of world leaders says everything, most especially the first one:

    That’s not how we do things in Canada.


    We take the view that our parliament should be a representative place, it should look and feel like New Zealand, it should have a range of different cultures and ethnicities, and never should a judgement be made…

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  • It is astonishing how quickly western civilization advanced once the chains of religion were thrown off. It was like BOOM electricity, BOOM airplanes, BOOM deep understanding of physics, BOOM dna, BOOM landing on the moon. Along with enormous progress in human rights, a kinder society and stable politics. Wow. Yes, the moon landing really is a…[Read more]

  • Davis replied to the topic Losing Friends to Religion in the forum Atheism 34 minutes ago

    The most problematic thing for me is that I don’t know why it happened.

    She became an ugly person. I am very skeptical that religion explains it all. Religion simply has the ability to bring out the ugly and crazy in people. From what I’ve read from you, the answer seems to be entirely within the conflict and problems in her life. If you are a r…[Read more]

  • Or Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, even Disney…….anything!!!!

  • Was disappointed. Was promptly asked to leave behind our luggage in the entryway. My husband and I were completely shocked as we presumed we’d need our belongings for this 40 day cruise. Continued in and was not shown to our room. Asked a staff member and they only laughed and walked away. Nothing funny at all about that. We were not only a…[Read more]

  • Trump Is Trying To Start A Race War, Isn’t He?

    You just noticed?

  • This is a gift. A die hard republican bandmate of mine just said he is done with Trump. Holy shit, I almost fell off my chair. Perhaps a somewhat moderate liberal (such as ‘sleepy Joe’ Biden) is looking better and better to moderate republicans. We are getting used to Obama-care. Social Security is becoming very, very, very…critical to an aging…[Read more]

  • In the past, it’s been the lunatic fringe of the right wing who thought that a mass killing of black people would ignite a race war. Must have been a big disappointment when the race war didn’t happen.

    What the idea needed was a smarter strategy by someone in a position to really do something about it.

    With some revealing tweets a few days ago,…[Read more]

  • Proud day here on the Space Coast, 50 years ago ‘we’ hurled that huge craft out of this world. We are pretty used to launches around here and almost all my friends and family earn their living in some way related to the space programs. That launch was very, very special. My relatives worked at the firm that manufactured the lights used to…[Read more]

  • If she will read your communication, then I think the only thing you can send is a little note saying something like, “I think you’re depressed, and I’ll still be here for you when you are well again, even if you are still a Catholic.  I would like us to stay friends.”  Something along those lines.  It might mean the world to her, no matter wh…[Read more]

  • Sometimes people feel like they’re a terrible person, and this translates into “sinner” which the Church promises to fix.  The more terrible she feels, the more susceptible she is to this way of thinking.

    There are times when a depressed person will violently reject everything they love, because it’s antithetical to their new depressed way of…[Read more]

  • I had a friend who would tell me I was going to hell everyday. I used to answer with “thanks for caring” and tried to keep it light. It got worse and finally I asked him to stop with all that. He couldn’t. I threatened his house of cards with my very existence.

  • @anna, it sounds to me like your friend could be depressed, and this conversion to Catholicism is snarling up the problem even worse.  Don’t take it personally.

  • …..Case in point, follow up.… I absolutely positively detest EVERYTHING about Donald Trump….But I have friends who voted for him. And they plan to vote for him again. I am amazed at their stupidity! We agree to disagree. When they explained to me there are reasons for supporting him, I can understand where they’re coming from to a certain ext…[Read more]

  • Just the simple fact of the way this person commented on your weight…They are not your friend.

    I have many different friends from all different types of walks of life. Some agree with me, some don’t. Some think the way I do, some don’t. I think it is a sign of maturity when you can sit across the table from somebody who holds a different point…[Read more]

  • Anna, I have also lost contact with old friends when I stopped believing. I just let them go because even Satan believes in god…so I guess I am worse then the devil himself to those people. There are lots of wonderful people who wouldn’t care !

  • Davis replied to the topic A Better Place in the forum Atheism 23 hours, 56 minutes ago

    Even people who accept evolution believe in “heaven”.

    Yeah, and Elvis is a live and living in Tweed, Ontario. He performs twice a year. You should go check it out.

  • Davis replied to the topic A Better Place in the forum Atheism 23 hours, 59 minutes ago

    Anyone who’s been under general anesthesia knows what it’s like.

    Indeed. Under certain kinds of anesthetic, it’s like nothing happened at all between going under and coming back to Earth. It’s slightly creepy. But I think a more interesting comparison is simply: before you were born. Remember what life was like before you were conceived? Tha…[Read more]

  • Davis replied to the topic Losing Friends to Religion in the forum Atheism 1 day ago

    I since learned that Facebook is NOT the place for anything resembling a meaningful or intelligent discussion

    Yes. I don’t think you are losing much by disengaging from social media.

  • Davis replied to the topic Losing Friends to Religion in the forum Atheism 1 day ago

    To laugh at my weight struggles? To put me down?

    Be it religiously motivated or not he sounds like a toxic asshole. A 15 page rant under any circumstances is extremely agressive. Smashing you over the head like that with your belief/non-belief is ugly to say the least. Accepting an apology but not giving one? Allowing a facebook post to wreck a…[Read more]

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