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    I think that “Retweets” and “Reposts” combined with AI-generated “feeds” are a game changer. You take one quick look at some bullshit to see how crazy it has gotten and then you get inundated.

    Even so, the older forms of brainwashing were effective. Back in the 80’s I used to go offshore fishing with a caring, nice guy; a coworker. The only radio channel that would tune in on the boat was some right wing knucklehead bullshit AM station. Over several years he lost his goddamn mind and became completely intolerable. Commie that, lazy well-fare sucking immigrants this. His own family couldn’t stand him. There is a real psychology to it.

    I feel it welling up inside of me sometimes because of my abundant socialization with conservatives later in my life. People I admire, even. However back then people could have civil discussion. We enjoyed debates over a drink or 2. I could learn what conservative friends were worried about. I could have a mix of opinions. What happened to that. It is so binary. I think it is the new social media.



    I mentioned it earlier but i will reiterate. If you have not seen it then please watch the Social Dilemma on Netflix. Or listen to one of the authors who was interviewed on Sam Harris’ podcast.
    Our long history of calumniating and propaganda and tribalism and conspiracy theories and polarization are thrown in the microwave. Encogitationer, nobody is saying that its genesis is recent. On the contrary it is vintage but it is a brand new game. And without question it needs to be addressed.

    Query whether the current circumstances in USA would have been possible without this new dynamic. Trump is a president whose personality, ignorance and acuity is so outstandingly bad that i can’t imagine a responsible job that he is qualified to handle. Four years of him and yet a significant minority of Americans have elevated him to cult status.

    Encogitationer if you need some more ammunition for your tendentious and spurious analysis then read about experiments conducted by the CIA. One of those books is Poisoner in Chief. Also read about the government’s forced sterilization of tens of thousands of Americans. Can’t remember the book i read on this topic. Meanwhile it has no bearing on the argument for socialized medicine in USA.



    I assume Unseen, you are indicating that there are indeed refugees who fear that word but are confused it and conflating socialized medicine with their prior experiences.

    Socialism is a package is their reasoning. You shouldn’t let it get its foot any further in the door. You may get some benefits, which is the carrot, but then comes the stick, like not being able to have the doctor you want or the services you feel you need. Instead, you are told which doctors you may see and doctors you don’t know will be telling you the services y0u can have with no meaningful appeal.

    That would be the argument of many.



    And if you want another example, there’s the U.S. Veterans Administration, where men and women who served our nation loyally wait on “free” health care and die in seas of bureaucracy, paperwork, and red tape!

    I think the Veterans Administration’s services may vary greatly by location. During the last two years of my Dad’s life I drove him to both scheduled and unscheduled (drop in) services at the main Cleveland location and I can tell you that overall, he was treated like a king. Now, maybe being a WW2 vet makes you special in the VA, but the worst was having to wait 2 hours for a drop in appointment. Had it been an emergency, I’d have taken him to the ER door, neither he nor I had any complaints about the care given or service provided.




    BTW, the right wing counts Nazism as socialism: “It’s the National SOCIALIST Party. Bet you didn’t know that, did ya?” (Yes I did. They all seem to think that leftists don’t know their history for some reason.



    Encoginator you are talking about a totally incomplete non-universal health care patchwork as though that is universal health care. Which it isn’t. America doesn’t have anything remotely approaching universal health care so you can’t point to shitty half-assed attempt to it and go, hey that doesn’t work so universal health care won’t work. It works in LITERALLY every single other developed democracy. Nice try though.



    A right-winger I know keeps up the mantra “It feels like 1934 Germany.” Message me if you want his FB address in case you’d like to see what he’s saying or reply to his nonsense. That would be glorious.



    BTW, if you want to keep tabs on the insane underbelly of US politics, give yourself an account on Unlike Facebook, Twitter, and the other more “normal” social media platforms, its appeal is that it has virtually no rules.


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    Belle Rose

    “The day America realized how dangerous Trump is”

    it’s hilarious. Took y’all 4 fucking years to figure that out? Seriously 😒

    America is STUPID!!!



    “The day America realized how dangerous Trump is” it’s hilarious. Took y’all 4 fucking years to figure that out? Seriously 😒 America is STUPID!!!

    “I don’t much like Trump but I LOVE his policies.” LOL



    You guys just think nothing can go wrong when some people are given absolute control over people’s information and communication.  You think you’ll be the last one the allegator gets.  That is simply not borne out by bistory.

    That’s just one example of a boatload of unhinged assumptions. The post, overall, emotionally, it sounds like you’re channeling Trump! Are you ok?

    I do wonder how “regulating the shit out of social media” would work. Who, exactly, would be the regulators? Yet, as Robert alluded to, this is a new world, where new technologies accelerate and amplify the worst human fallibilities, and increasingly evolving and involving AI will only speed up and amplify the effects further. (And I also think “fascist country” is hyperbolic and headliney, but I take it with a grain of salt… although sometimes the threat of it seems to loom. Breitbart and Steve Bannon, for example, made a lot of it seem more feasible.)

    So while you’re still feeling the passion, do you have any positive suggestions? And I don’t mean like exterminating the Left Wing.



    You can drive the crazies off Twitter, Facebook, and the rest, but they’ll go to and the people who want to hear their shit will follow them.

    And are…


    Apps to access Parler have been removed by Apple and Google from their stores. It is not a “free-speech” site, just an echo chamber for right-wingers. Many liberals have been banned for challenging the views posted. There are several other similar sites (but I won’t list them). They go underground when their views are challenged because they cannot think independently to give coherent reasons for maintaining them. It is almost like why religions love blasphemy laws. It stops people from challenging doctrines and beliefs that no independent thinkers would be able to maintain if they engaged in open and fair debate.

    Those domestic terrorists are not Trump’s patriots , they are his patsy rioters. Where one of them goes, they all go. That is because they are all his chumps.




    You wrore:

    I agree. Socialized medicine is bad, we are told, because all the good doctors will leave the country to where they can make more money (where is this mecca for business- and profit-oriented doctors? they don’t say). We are also assured that there will be “death panels” of doctors deciding who lives and who dies. Well, that always happens with scarce resources. Who gets the donated kidney? It’s given to the patient who will likely get the most use out of it. The donated liver…one candidate is a 17 year old honor student and the other is a 58 year old alcoholic. Ironically, the pandemic is so bad in Los Angeles that EMT’s in the field are triaging, instructed to leave subjects with poor survival prospects to die.

    And those who fear socialized medicine don’t want to talk about the fact that a large number of people don’t have and can’t afford to buy insurance, much less pay their bills.

    Unpaid bills having to be absorbed by the system plus the profits kept by insurers, drug manufacturers, and other middlemen are a HUGE reason why American healthcare is so costly.

    Were it not for Congress and The Little Bush Boy (As Bill Maher always  called him)  banning stem cell research in the United States, questions like “Who gets the kidney?” could be a thing of the past.  Without the ban, a person could have a whole cryogenic closet of spare tissues or organs.

    And without government requirements for “certificates of need,” meducal facilities could have those cryogenic closets without having to say: “Big Brother May I?”

    “Ceetificates of need” requirements are a big problem with hospitals getting high-tech preventative devices such as CAT/CT Scanners, Sonograms, and MRIs.  During the beginning of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, even basic hospital beds required “certificates of need” in some instances.

    As for third-party insurance and all of its attendant problems, that started when FDR imposed wage controls on select “war industries” and factory owners still had to attract good workers.  Health insurance was the go-around, the practice spread to other industries, the price of health care went up because of third-party financing, and that, plus Medicare/Mediciad third-party financing gave us the mess we have today.

    Using government to solve government-caused problems violates The Law of Holes: When you’re in a hole, and don’t want to be, stop digging.



    Apps to access Parler have been removed by Apple and Google from their stores.

    The apps are still widely available from many sources, including Parler itself.

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