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Sunday School 6th November 2022

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    Americans who aren’t sure about God are a fast-growing force in politics – and they’re typically even more politically active than white evangelicals. But will they turn out in enough numbers next Tuesday? There may be some good surprises results though.

    Texas pastor openly calls on ‘Christian nationalists’ to ‘impose their values on society’.

    It’s secularism, stupid: Why Latino voters aren’t abandoning the Democratic Party.

    How demons found a place in popular culture.

    ‘For good people to do evil – that takes religion

    I dislike the term “Spiritual but not religious”.

    Lessons about Atheism for ages 8 and up.

    The Free Exercise Clause vs. the Establishment Clause: Religious favoritism at the Supreme Court.

    World of Woo: Arnica: A real sugar pill.

    Environment: 8 billion humans: How population growth and climate change are connected as the ‘Anthropocene engine’ transforms the planet.

    Just Stop Oil: do radical protests turn the public away from a cause? Here’s the evidence.

    5 charts that show how renewable energy generation has soared.

    How fast is gravity, exactly?

    Does consciousness change the rules of quantum mechanics?

    Long Reads: The separation of Church and State is a demonic idea say the non-taxpayers. The histories of medieval philosophy celebrate only Christian thinkers, ignoring Islamic and Jewish thought. Human exceptionalism imposes horrible costs on other animals? What humans can learn from the language of honeybees.  The missing plan for alien first contact.

    Sunday Book Club: When Christian Nationalists Control the Court: A Review of American Crusade.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil……

    Coffee Break Video:  Reading Ken Ham’s ridiculous Tweets. Why the US Is not a Democracy. Taika Waititi reads a hilarious letter about a speeding ticket.


    Have a great week everyone!



    Thanks Reg!

    Nobody told me the clocks went back last night.


    Time zones are just a conspiracy to confuse the flat earth society.



    There was a Bob Newhart radio sketch where he and his friend bemoan the boredom of a Sunday, over and over – then one of them realises the clocks went back the night before, and they have an extra hour to hate!



    Any physicists in the house? This whole gravity thing is confusing. Is gravity a particle, a wave, or a wavicle? And is Einstein’s definition of gravity as the distortion of space by mass now wrong?



    Sometimes gravity feels like a particle, sometimes it feels like a wave. That whole dead cat duality thing. I guess now we know that changes in space-time happen at the speed of light.

    Even non-electromagnetic waves are fascinating. An earthquake causes a water displacement, and the resulting tsunami delivers all that energy across hundreds of miles and the water molecules themselves, all along the way, barely move.


    The Earth “thinks” that it is flying thought Space in a straight line. But it is pulled towards the Sun by the force of gravity and so is compelled to circle around it. This is basically the way Newton understood it to be. Einstein improved upon it by explaining that the mass of the Sun is so enormous the it warps the Space (Spacetime) around it. The Earth is moving freely though Space but when it hits the “dimple” in Spacetime, it gets trapped in the outer ripples of that “dimple” (my term) and it continues to get slung around the Sun each year.

    Imagine an enormous bed sheet, the size of a football pitch with people all around the edges keeping it pulled taut. A football (The Sun) is rolled into the middle of the sheet which will create a small “dimple” into which it sits. Then a pebble (The Earth) is rolled across the sheet. At first it continues in a straight line but when it approaches the football it becomes trapped in the dimple created by the mass of the football. The dimple is the curvature of space(time). In 5 billion years when the Sun collapses in on itself the curved spacetime will “flatten” and the waves created by that will ripple out in Space and destroy the Earth.

    The Earth has also warped spacetime and created a curvature that the moon is compelled to loop around.

    Gravity is the result of the what massive objects (or maybe objects with mass) do to the Spacetime they occupy.  Gravity is only observed when 2 objects are close to each other.

    Above is not exact. For example, the Earth travels in an ellipse rather than a circle etc.  It is to try to give a visualization of things. I will write a little of my understanding of gravity at the quantum level when I get time.  It is different at the microscope level where there are subatomic particles that transmit a force and these particles can be both waves and particles. Einstein is still in the middle of it and general relativity allows for gravitational waves to exist here too. It is finding the evidence that is proving problematic.




    So, a massive object generates these wavicles? and that is how space is stretched and compressed?

    I know that mass and energy are conversions of each other, and that gravity wavicles are a form of energy, but what mass is being converted to create them?

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    Fellow Unbelievers,

    Some great news from The Russo-Ukrainian War that may signal an end and possibly the Russian people rising up and getting the freedom they’ve never had:

    Russian priest who advised women to bear more children and send them to war dies in Ukraine 😁
    SUNDAY, 6 NOVEMBER 2022, 23:10

    Yep, a Priest who held that “all life is precious” as long as it serves Putin’s war machine just made his own “contribution” to the cause! I hope it was in long, hard, staggered installments.😁

    Vladimir Putin’s Hands Are Turning ‘Black’ Following Reports The Russian Leader Is Suffering From Parkinson’s Disease 😁

    Now, normally, black minstrelsy is genuinely offensive…but in this case, we can do a cut-out for Putin. And since his cancer is near the pancreas and prostate, he won’t get to enjoy his show for long. 😁



    Fellow Unbelievers,

    I had to share this too. Might take the wind out of the sails for Michael17’s next argument 😁 :

    TikToker Expertly Dismantles Tim Allen’s Bizarre Argument Against Atheism By Citing Iconic Film Role
    Koh Mochizuki

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