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Sunday School 8th August 2021

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    I know we are all tired of Covid news stories and I have tried to keep them to a minimum but we need to be aware of just how misinformed many religious people are and how unconcerned about their neighbors they can be.

    The religious views of Tennessee’s Gov. Bill Lee’s are putting lives at risk while in Michigan vaccines are being called the mark of the beast. Just don’t ask the cretinous Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel for help as he is busy refilling Greg Locke’s crack pipe.  I was looking forward to the possibility of going back to Florida later this year but I think it may soon have a public health catastrophe. (At least DeSantis understands one matter of law and principle!) Medical staff are now suffering compassion fatigue when dealing with the unvaccinated. Just take the stupid shot because the vaccine does not pose a greater risk to you than COVID-19 does!!

    Catholics must understand their own responsibility to remain vigilant and stay informed about the vile abuses of children at the hands of those who forgive their own sins.

    Prospects of a fair trial for Mubarak Bala, who posted some words on the Internet, as  members of the religion of peace will want him executed.

    Kent Hovind, tax fraudster and Liar for Jesus is arrested again, this time for domestic assault.

    Have you ever tried to convert your work colleagues with your atheist beliefs!! I do enjoy listening to the bad arguments of Christians to see how deeply the dogma (AMGOD) doth dwell within dem!!

    Australia is no longer a Christian nation even when it wins elections.

    World of Woo: The Misinformation Trifecta.

    Environment: I know we are also getting weary of Climate Change news. I suspect many of its deniers are unvaccinated too.

    Does prayer get results? Will faith protect against Covid-19?

    NASA to investigate hell on another earth.

    Do we have to die? But what is we could rewrite the code of life?

    Usain Bolt is not the fastest cat in town.

    Long Reads: The exorcism of Anneliese Michel. In praise of habits – so much more than mindless reflexes. Inside the fight for animal personhood.

    Who was Walter Plywaski?

    Sunday Book Club:  The First Three Minutes by Steven Weinberg.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil……

    Podcast: How Humans have altered life on Earth.

    Coffee Break Video:  How to be a professional troublemaker. On the run from COVID-19, an Indigenous family treks deep into the Amazon rainforest.



    Thanks Reg!




    Three cheers for Walter Plywaski!  A man for whom Emma Lazarus wrote her famous words on The Statue of Liberty.  A man who embodies what it means to be a U.S. Citizen better than too many who’ve lived here from birth.

    The man just wanted to escape the horrors of tyranny that Europe is so well-known for and live as a free man and he wanted to do it the right way, yet this pig-headed Judge totally ignorant and indifferent to history and law wanted to stand in the way!

    Judge J. Frank McLaughlin reportedly asked Plywaski to consider what it says on the back of U.S. coins: “In God We Trust.” McLaughlin then denied Plywaski citizenship, justifying his decision by proclaiming, “Our government is founded on a belief in God,” and accused Plywaski of “seeking admission on your own terms.”
    With the help of the ACLU, Plywaski appealed McLaughlin’s decision, arguing it was a violation of religious freedom while noting that natural-born citizens had the option to say affirmations rather than oaths, which allowed them to affirm their allegiance based on their own honor rather than a belief in a higher power.
    McLaughlin, however, stood his ground. He argued that the case was not about religious freedom but about whether Plywaski “believes in all the principles which support free government,” which according to McLaughlin included a belief in God.

    A little further digging by the Judge would have revealed that the first coin issued by The Continental Congress did not have the slogan: “In God We Trust,” but rather a more fitting slogan for a free people: “Mind Your Business.”

    Also, the Judge used a complete misnomer to describe a free society: “free government.”

    In a free society, it is the individual Citizen who is free by right and limited only by the same rights as fellow Citizens, but the government is limited always to acts protecting those Individual rights and no more.

    I am glad that Reason prevailed and that Walter Plywaski prevailed over both Nazi tyranny and home-grown blindered obstinance to live here as a free man!



    The Tyranny that Europe is so well known for?

    What the fuck?

    During the wars: while the Nazis were doing atrocious things, your Southern states were segregating Black citizens by law, you interned innocent Japanese (and even German) citizens in awful camps and your soldiers committed crimes of war with absolute impunity (including mass rape and executing prisoners of war). In the mean time you also reneged on your treaties with Native Americans and still maintained extremely sexist laws.

    As though things have gotten any better, right now your governments are creating voter suppression laws, you are still separating migrant children and imprisoning them in inhumane conditions, you have an outrageously high prison population with some prisons having unspeakable violence and living conditions, many states don’t take care of their homeless creating awful policies that illegalise living and begging in the streets while providing no shelters or social programs (let alone health care), police and the justice system still systemically discriminate against black people and your government spies on every email and text message you send. Please forgive me if I find it hard to take your “America as the bastion of freedom and exemplar for the world” seriously. Zheesh.



    My contribution to Sunday School this week:


    The Alt-Right or New Right, whatever you want to call them, see a Shining Country on a Hill in Hungary, a country whose dictator Viktor Orban promotes “the family” by subsidizing having (white Hungarian) children, promotes Christianity (his version thereof), opposes just about any immigration, oppresses the LGBTQ+ community there, places severe limits on press freedom, manipulates elections, and packs the c0urts with judges and justices friendly to his dogma.

    Does this sound like a wish list of the President-Reject and the most right-leaning members of the GOP? You decide.

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    I can’t listen to Carlson without wanting to punch him. But ever since watching the Tucker Carlson episode of Paradise PD on Netflix I can only laugh when I hear him now. It cannot be undone.


    I would prefer to trust Amnesty International instead of anything I hear from Faux News.



    Has a gofundme page. Come on man, mind your own business. It’s not like you are some stricken child dying of cancer. Now you don’t even get to find out you were wrong about your fictional god either. That sucks.


    I really get the frustration of front-line medical staff when they are told by patients of some stupid conspiracy theory about the vaccine. Compassion fatigue is totally understandable. It will soon become compassion burnout.

    As President Biden put it, it is now a pandemic of the unvaccinated.  Where and who do you suspect will be worst hit?



    It is only human to react to that republican politician with a fuck you and serves you right. After emoting we can think about free will.

    I think the USA should have federally sponsored short weekly talks by experts. Simple terms. Straightforward messages. History of conspiracy theories. Criticism of right wing BS about freedom. Facts about covid 19 including evolution of viruses and efficacy of vaccines, risk to self and others of failing to be vaccinated. Persons who are not served by vaccination for personal medical reasons.

    I would not mandate vaccination or mask wearing except for certain employees. But i would restrict access to public events for the unvaccinated. I would announce that covid victims who are vaccinated take priority in being treated. The government will not pay for any patients who are unvaccinated except children and lacking an excuse for their failure.

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