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Sunday School April 21th 2019

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    I think I might have a diet cheeseburger made with fox meat for my Easter Sunday lunch.

    I reckon Spinoza must have had Jesus spinning in his grave during this sacred week of Holy Grovelling as Jesus freaks in the Philippines atone for their sins with a day of self-harm. (Graphic Content!). Why don’t they just stop sinning instead?

    A Bangladeshi actress has apologized for admitting she is an atheist so members of the Religion of Peace hopefully won’t hack her to death.

    The government in China demands that no other gods but itself should be worshiped. In some Asian countries many people who have no belief in creator gods still maintain the human soul exists.

    An asymmetric polarization is occurring in American Religion and a Gallup poll on the sharp decline in church membership over the last twenty years.

    On rebuilding Notre Dame and the never-ending problem of Catholic clergy raping children.

    OK,enough of all that. Let’s keep calm and Hail Satan.

    What is the difference between Agnosticism and Atheism?

    This weeks’ Woo: What’s new about Conspiracy Theories?

    Climate Change: What vision do the 2020 Democrats have on the subject?

    The ancient math that sets the dates for Easter.

    A look at the evolutionary development of religion (part 1).

    I have heard Easter Sunday being called “Resurrection Sunday” so let’s consider the moral issues of bringing pigs back to life.

    Do other apes envy us?

    Scientists didn’t really find the first molecule in the Universe!

    Astrobiologists in search of a breakthrough.

    We pause to remember Lyra McKee, murdered by terrorists on the 21st anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement.

    This week I am reading this book: Cognitive Gadgets: The Cultural Evolution of Thinking.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil…..

    Coffee Break Video: Should computers run the world? Seth Andrews on the goat herders guide to the Universe.


    Have a great week everyone!!

    I think it’s interesting in a profession where we all take an oath, that they would look at people who have strong faith as somehow not good people, when, if you’re an atheist, what does an oath mean?

    Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, April 2019.



    I heard on some show one of the characters say that “Easter was originally a celebration of a woman’s most fertile time of the year”. I guess cause all the animals do it in spring the pagans in the crowd co-opted it.

    I’ll be celebrating today by doing the lawn, clearing out brush from my property, and trying to convince my wife that today is the celebration of her most fertile time of the year so let’s get busy.

    Thanks for Sunday School Reg!



    Thanks Reg!  We have a children’s egg hunt going on today so I’m expecting to tear my hair out at least once 🙂


    Simon Paynton

    This distinction is one that de Waal has run into from philosophers who say that any of his observations of empathy or morality in animals can’t possibly tell him about whether or not they have norms. De Waal disagrees, pointing out that animals do recognise norms:

    The simplest example is a spider web or nest. If you disturb it, the animal’s going to repair that right away because they have a norm for how it should look and function. They either abandon it, or start over and repair it. Animals are capable of having goals and striving towards them. In the social world, if they have a fight, they come together and try to repair damage. They try to get back to an ought state. They have norm of how this distribution should be. The idea that normativity is [restricted to] humans is not correct.

    I think that de Waal is right in a sense in that the original human “ought”, as I understand it, is a responsibility to one’s cooperative partners (however that is defined) to perform according to the appropriate role ideals, and this has instrumental pressure – the pressure to achieve the main physical goal – as an ultimate (evolutionary) pressure motivating it.


    Kara Connor

    Another informative Sunday School article. Thank you, Reg. And I have to ask what a Fronkey is 😀


    Thanks Kara. I think today is the 300th edition of Sunday School with only one day missed due to being in the wilds of northern Calif. This might (or might not) help explain the kind of farmer I am 🙂



    Hail Satan !  The genius here is that the Satanic Temple as an official  religion has advantages enjoyed as such, plus the added shock value not enjoyed by the noodly one, peace be upon his tomato sauces cooked for hours with lots of garlic.

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