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Sunday School April 7th 2019

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    Sorry for the delay today. I have reconstructed most of what I had compiled after my “stupid computer” incident.

    First things first – Congratulations to Jane Donnelly of Atheist Ireland who last week was given the Atheist and Feminist of the Year award at the 2019 International Days of Atheism conference in Warsaw, Poland. Totally deserved for her selfless work fighting for the Human Rights of atheists and minorities who are discriminated against by the religious.

    After much prayer and contemplation the Religion of Peace in Iraq is looking for more atheists to kill.

    The Cuddly One says that women have ‘legitimate claims‘ for justice and equality. Even with the prayer app I think nothing will really change, except the location of the deckchairs. Anyway only Catholic men are good at fixing evil magic.

    US atheists are not up in arms over ‘In God We Trust’ license plates. They just don’t want to have their constitutional rights debased by religious zealots.

    Humanists in London have voiced their concern over plans for two new religious schools.

    Death v. Religion at the Supreme Court.

    From Australia the tale of the priest, the inheritance and the million-dollar bouncing cheque.

    Better to be Curators of Inspiration than Colluders of Delusion.

    This weeks’ Woo: 3 common misconceptions about the ‘dangers’ of genetic engineering and GMOs.

    Climate Change: John Kerry is on a mission to hold Trump accountable on climate change. We are beyond the point of considering prayer to be of any help.

    The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the social justice truth. Elsewhere in Canada, the religious symbols bill is causing unrest. Would you agree with these six reasons for saying Quebec is doing the wrong thing?

    Evolution: how the theory is inspiring a new way of understanding language.

    A fossil of a four-legged whale with hooves is discovered.

    On finding predictable patterns in a world of chaos.

    Fine-Tuning really is a problem in Physics.

    Is consciousness a battle between your beliefs and perceptions?

    The mystery of Time’s Arrow.

    The Internet recently turned 30. Should we blow it up?

    This week I am reading this book: Darwin Comes to Town: How the Urban Jungle Drives Evolution.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil…..

    Coffee Break Video: TED: Explaining the rise of humans. Stephen Fry and the importance of Unbelief.


    Have a great week everyone!!



    Word’s autosave and recover functions still confuse me and MS sucks at explaining them. I’ve noticed more (and still confusing) options pop up right after restarting Word. It’s often not clear (to me) when I’m about to delete something I would actually want to keep.


    Simon Paynton

    I prefer Open Office, it’s nice and simple.


    It is worth noting that the new version of Ofice 2019 has an autosave function that is off by default. If you open your .docx or xlsx file from a network server or from your local pc and switch on autosave, it will probably save the document to “One Drive” which you may not even use. This has to be illegal for security and GDPR reasons. It could be a list of employee details and Microsoft have decided not to allow you to save it in the location you opened it from but to one of their servers that could be on the far side of the world. They don’t even let you know they do this. You only find out when you open it again and find nothing was saved!!

    Rant over..hope the redo was of some interest to you.



    thanks for the Sunday School Reg!

    Oh yeah, these things bite hard! Still have the beak marks on my ass!

    A flock of geese is run through a field on a farm in the Ipekyolu district of Turkey’s Van province on April 4, 2019. #

    Ozkan Bilgin / Anadolu Agency / Getty

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    Thanks, Reg!  Brilliant. Well done mate



    You only find out when you open it again and find nothing was saved!!

    Yes, THAT is another variable that makes the issue confusing, squared! My brother got ambushed by this, his internet going through a cellular hotspot at home.


    Simon Paynton

    The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the social justice truth.

    This is a sorry tale.  It’s just like I always said, the hard left is a narcissists’ playground.



    The academic study of religion does not make one naïve or credulous, and much as I love God, I’m extremely aware of the horrors committed, historically and in our own age, in the deity’s name.

    You notice when the author says “I love God” you get the capital ‘G’ but when horrors are mentioned it is “the deity”. What an arsehole.



    I prefer Open Office, it’s nice and simple.

    and free


    Agreed Robert. If most theists were actually aware of the horrors committed in the name of their God they would probably start to question their own faith. But they are not aware. They are generally clueless or in denial. I am here to help them if they ever are brave enough to want to hear about it.  I have hundreds of examples all ready for them 🙂

    Hmmm….maybe I will post a few and we can have a competition to see who can post the most depraved and vulgar ones. When I people do things “in the name of God” all they are really doing is something that agrees with their immature ideas. “It is God’s will” = “It is my opinion”.


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