• I’m hearing “free will of the gaps.”

    Nice try Unseen. I’m not biting. But nice try.

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    I see more books and philosophy journal articles arguing for free will than against it. 99% of philosophers arguing against free will is one of the most ludicrous statements I’ve heard about what philosophers believe in a long time. It is simply not true. It is one of the most contentious topics in philosophy at the moment. The claim:

    Free will…[Read more]

  • Thanks, Reg!

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    Honestly it just seems to preposterous that alien life would come visit and not hide themselves well…but do allow as you pointed out some shitty images…meanwhile making secret deals with super primitive puny human’s governments…with Donald Trump keeping his mouth shut about it after leaving office.

    If life evolved remotely similar to as it…[Read more]

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    What is at the root of all of this…do you suppose?

    Religion plays a notable role (let there be no doubt). Obviously this is the case when secular humanist societies show less (and only less) racism, homophobia, money worshipping, war aggression etc. But the ugly side of human nature plays as much of a role. All of our primate relatives are c…[Read more]

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    “Rape culture” is going to stick because it’s snappy and catchy.

    I am not longer surprised how effortlessly these conversations turn into the surreal and grotesque. Jesus leaping mother fucking shit-stick garbage dumpster crap-fest bonkers zheeeeesh!

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    Who wants to be thinking about rape the whole time?

    Uhhh…that’s the problem Simon. People want to ignore how serious of an issue it is. Calling it something less horrific is downplaying the problem. Let’s call gay bashers beating up stupid little faggots a “gender-norm disagreement rudeness” or the number of gun death massacres in America a…[Read more]

  • That is a logical interpretation; however, I believe they are advocating for men collectively segregating. Basically:

    Shake shake shake that sack!

  • What is not needed is harping on a “rape culture” without firmly defining terms.

    Harping on rape culture? Pointing out the scale and severity of rape culture is “harping on it”? Oh no. Poor rapists and sexual harassers. If only someone would clearly tell them that no means no, harassing people is vile and that confirming consent is the wise way…[Read more]

  • Ooh, that was a bit predictable.

    Well, a “free market” in anything is, by definition, between consenting rational beings and without initiated coercion or fraud, most especially initiated coercion or fraud by the State, which is only supposed to act as an agency of defense and an arbiter of disputes.

    And the operative term here is “co…

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  • A distinction, sure, but eventually and with effort and hope, they all become one of a single piece.


  • Men viewing women as potential sex partners is normal

    I cannot be sure but I believe he was referring to things like: someone hitting on someone and not taking five NOs in a row for an answer. Or telling someone to fuck off and the person still bugging you. Or politely putting someone down and that person insulting you or even screaming at you. Or…[Read more]

  • Enco…you have pretty sneakily shifted the focus from being believed to getting sympathy. Why did you do that?

  • Thanks, Reg!!

  •  but is the solution to be running around with suspicious statistics

    Again I think you are over-exagerating the extend of how suspicious these statistics are. Perhaps you are simply loathe to believe that sexual assault occurs as frequently as it does.

    My point is, when you say “society is changing,” you are talking about some people, some segm…

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  • Given the size and strength differential of most men and women, that doesn’t seem likely that the claim against the woman would be believed.

    There are all sorts of documented cases of women drugging men and raping them. If the facts are known…why wouldn’t they be believed? Statutory rape is also a widely reported phenomena (especially famous c…[Read more]

  • But minimizing the number of falsely convicted will re-focus time and resources of the law towards bringing the unpunished guilty to justice. Really, both causes are two aspects of the same fight for justice.

    Then why Eco do we almost only hear outrage of unjustly accused rapists as opposed to unjustly accused everything else? Not only is the…[Read more]

  • I think you’re straw-manning the diagram to fit your agenda that feminists, and their scientific integrity, can’t be trusted.

    Indeed. It is curious the incredible energy some people put into trying to discredit or simply question the veracity of these statistics (and in very much particular sexual assault statistics). Even if a statistic such as…[Read more]

  • Unseen it sounds like you are trying to downplay the extremely high numbers of sexual assault, harassment and rape by insinuating that some of it is exaggerated (a pretty common trope throughout all of history that women who claim rape are hysterical and overstating things) or that because a few questionable cases of non-consensual sex are…[Read more]

  •  Who thinks the presumption of guilt by some court of public opinion is the right thing?

    This wouldn’t be such a big deal if “fear of the court of public opinion” was consistently applied to allegations. It is not. Claims are generally believed for most other crimes. They are not for sexual assault or rape. In other words: 20 different people…[Read more]

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