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Sunday School 16th May 2021

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    We need to know if Joe Biden is cancelling the imaginary God he prays to.  Maybe some prayer warriors should get involved?

    What new laws in Montana and South Dakota say about the future of religious freedom.

    Jewish Americans in 2020.

    World of Woo:  The misinformation industry.

    Environment: Harvard’s lithium-metal solid-state battery.

    Anti-maskers prepare to wear masks and socially distance to protect themselves from the vaccinated.

    The seeds of police brutality in the Bible.

    Fact-checking Modi’s post-truth India.

    Epicurus and the atheist’s guide to happiness.

    How to beat the speed of light.

    Archaeologists find Neanderthal remains in Italy.

    CRISPR is helping the blind to see.

    Could humans have contaminated Mars with life?

    What number of friends can Dunbar have? Is it a bad theory?

    Long Reads: The pandemic stress-tested the way the world produces evidence — and revealed all the flaws. We humans have deep capacities for sharing resources with generosity and foresight.

    This week I might order this book: Fake Medicine.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil……

    Coffee Break Video:  Fulton v. Philadelphia | The case that could redefine religious freedom. The genes we lost along the way. TED: Lessons from 100 days of rejection.  Homo Deus: A Brief History of tomorrow with Yuval Noah Harari.


    Have a great week everyone!

    I am going to get my 5G jab. Can’t wait until I become 10G.



    Environment: Harvard’s lithium-metal solid-state battery.

    Look, battery technology is incredibly important for moving away from fossil fuels in a number of areas, and I applaud research into improving it.

    But I cannot and will not support that kind of BLT construction. It’s just going to feel all wrong on the tongue. I’d rather see the Earth burn.


    Just got my first jab today. Very efficient rollout operation. We are making very good progress now. An hour after I got it I noticed I had to  remind myself that I got it. Simple and painless.

    I must say that I think Bill Gates is a very nice man. A great man even! Now I must figure out where I got all these magnets from.



    Thanks Reg!!!



    Regarding the speed of light: It can’t be measured, so how do we know it?



    Count this as a contribution to Sunday School rather than a comment. Did you know that space is mostly black and white? Those dazzlingly colorful Hubble images of farflung galaxies and gas clouds are false-colored.

    This isn’t done to fool us. It’s done to help us see beyond the humanly-visible narrow part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

    Read on.



    Just got my first jab today. Very efficient rollout operation. We are making very good progress now. An hour after I got it I noticed I had to remind myself that I got it. Simple and painless. I must say that I think Bill Gates is a very nice man. A great man even! Now I must figure out where I got all these magnets from.

    I noticed very few wearing masks around here. I wonder are we declaring victory too early. I’d hate to see even another minor wave.  Of Florida’s population, the fully vaccinated group stands at only 35.42%. I expect a rise in cases with the relaxing of mask guidelines.


    Thanks Unseen, yes Hubble only has B&W cameras because there is very little color in space (except for our Pale Blue Dot).  The color is added after the photos are received and based upon the frequency of the electromagnetic wavelengths of the light. We use the same principle to determine the tiny differences in temperature in the CMBR photo or whether a galaxy is moving away or towards us (red shift or blue shift).

    When I started Sunday School (more than a month of Sundays ago!) I posted about the then soon to be launched James Webb Telescope that would replace Hubble. I am looking forward to seeing what it captures. I think we will be amazed. And Hubble did not disappoint us. But we would miss out if the images were not in color.


    @robert – You can’t call it a victory until the vast majority of people are vaccinated, so yes, it is way too early. The new India variant is a serious threat. I hope it does not result in another lock-down in the UK. My family were in Florida about 4 months ago and nobody in a busy Publix was wearing a mask while back up in Atlanta almost everyone was.  It will eventually catch up with those who refuse to be vaccinated.




    You’ve been (dare I say) evangelizing the jab and didn’t get one until now??? 🤔

    Well I got my first Pfizer shot on April 6th and my my second on the 27th…and not only am I still standing, but I still like FoxFire and other browsers better and I still call Bill Gates a nerd!  Chalk one up for volition. 😁





    Anti-maskers prepare to wear masks and socially distance to protect themselves from the vaccinated.

    Do they promise?  Swear to Buddha and The Void on a stack of Kenneth Copeland books?

    I’m ready to stop social distancing and ready to get back to my good old anti-social distancing! 😈




    I only got the jab today as I only became eligible for it this week. I do manage a few hospital IT networks but I can do almost all of it remotely. I have worked from home for years and only travel to site if I have to. But I would have been first in line if the chance was there. I was going to work remotely from Florida and would be fully vaxed now but in Ireland it makes no real difference to my “lifestyle” as I am classified as an essential worker and can travel about.



    So I’ve moved to Scotland. I have to say it’s been a bit of an adjustment living in an Anglo-Saxon country (you guys and a couple other websites have been my only outlet for the English speaking world for the last couple decades). It makes me a little dizzy speaking English with native speakers every day 🙂

    Anyhoo…one of the biggest benefits of the move was that I would get my vaccine a WHOLE lot sooner in Scotland than in Spain because they are way ahead in the vaccination game in the UK. And I have an underlying condition with my kidneys so I really could use that vaccine as soon as possible. Turns out there is a fair bit of time from when you register with the NHS to when you get on the vaccine database to when you get an invitation to when that invitation is valid. Luckily when I call them they are always concerned and they are doing everything they can to get me an appointment as soon as possible. I am very weary of semi-socialising until at least a couple weeks after my first jab. So cross your fingers that I get the bloody jab soon! 🙂

    I watched the 100 days of rejection video. It is extremely true. Desensitising yourself to rejection is an extremely important skill many artists and do-gooders and romantics do (it’s also an important skill for vicious business men, pick up artists and sociopaths but that’s another conversation).




    I would think that anyone doing work for a hospital would be eligible before anyone else, since they have more contact with patients.  Heck, you would most likely be more eligible than myself, a retail worker.

    As I had mentioned earlier, I got my shots from a private retail Pharmacy of a certain Complicated Empire in retail and I got it basically for the asking with no waiting.

    I didn’t even know anyone at this particular Pharmacy, so I had no privileged position with them either.  So far, my experience with vaccination both before and since COVID-19 has been wonderful!

    In any case, I’m glad you got the shot and hope all is well.

    Once everyone gets the vaccination for COVID-19, then we can embark on the serious business of getting the Butchers of Tiananmen Square their Nuremburg trial for covering up and unleashing this monster upon the world.

    Perhaps we can also shake up the arrangement in global trade so that members of the Chinese Communist Party and the People’s Liberation Army are no longer the beneficiaries.

    AI, GM vat-grown food, and 3-D printing of goods may help create another Industrial Revolution to help the U.S. make a real comeback in the world…that is, of course, if our Government stops spending money we don’t have paying people just to exist.

    It’s a mixed bag, but with a turn-around in the condition of health, things are looking like they can be better.

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