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Sunday School 9th January 2022

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    One year on and the “mainstream” media refuses to fully recognize the role of Dominionism and the Christian right in the domestic terrorism attack on the Capitol. It was a religious event by the Jericho Marchers for Trump and now they are attempting to rewrite what happened that day. It is very possible that there will be another wave of violence from these deluded Christians as congregations want more political engagement mixed with their religion. The Capitol attack was not just bad for Democracy, it was even bad for decent Christians. After Jan. 6, secularism is the crucial “guardrail” and it’s fatally weak in America.

    Dear Christians, please stop claiming your religion makes you a better person and show us by example. You could, for starters, stop trying to pass laws that impact the lives of other citizens that you are not “more equal than”, as Orwell wrote. And He (Jesus to the holier than thou) also told this parable to some people who trusted in themselves that they were righteous, and viewed others with contempt (Luke 6:37).

    How the hell can Mike Lindell sleep at night?

    Christian lobby groups’ doublespeak is a distortion of human rights.

    In Poland a trial begins for abortion protesters accused of “interfering with religious act” in church.

    What things made these people non-believers. Did it have to cost them the loss of any relationships?

    World of Woo: Because I am a Capricorn and my constellation is only about 1,998,732,626,882,427 miles from Earth, it must have a strong influence on my life. Things some humans still believe in 2022. I need a detox after reading that.

    Environment: ‘Don’t Look Up’: Hollywood’s primer on climate denial illustrates 5 myths that fuel rejection of science.

    How could the Big Bang arise from nothing and is the Universe already in its sixth and final era?

    Six worst case scenarios with A.I.

    Another look at the Fermi Paradox.

    Hilbert’s Hotel – An ingenious explanation of Infinity.

    Who was Edward O. Wilson?

    Long Reads: “Women bear the brunt of wars in ways that were unacknowledged, profound ways, and I want that to be recognised and known,” says Gwen.  The long reach of the Chinese Ministry of Thought Control.  Race is a Spectrum. Sex Is pretty damn Binary, by Richard Dawkins. The clockwork universe: is free will an illusion?

    Sunday Book Club: A Human History of Emotion.

    Some photographs taken last week.  Ndakasi, the selfie photobomber.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil……

    Coffee Break Video:  Steven Pinker: “Rationality: What It Is, Why It Seems Scarce, Why It Matters”. A selection of “Psychology of You” videos from the BBC. The best optical illusions of 2021.


    Have a great week everyone!



    Thanks, Reg!!!


    As always Strega you are most welcome!


    “Hey Reg, why don’t you speak your mind when it comes to your opinion on the role of right-wing Christians on Jan 6th” is what somebody recently said to me. Jokingly, of course.



    Reg, that is racist!

    An channeling dopey Ben Affleck although he was good in Good Will Hunting. How dya like dem apples?


    There are good people on both sides hunting some good will. I suppose you mean Liberty apples as they are very red in color? I would be a happy man if I had a big bucket of them…and of course the doctor’s wife 🙂




    Wow! Where to begin about that story on The Chinese Ministry of Thought Control?!? So many thoughts on this, I’ll have to come back to it…assuming I don’t end up enslaved in a laundry Laogai for giving expression to those thoughts.

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    Thanks @TheEncogitiatoner, I hope that Raif Badawi will be set free next month for putting his own thoughts on paper. I have an Arabic tattoo on my right elbow that reads “I am Raif Badawi” whose was imprisoned for 10 years by members of the Religion of Peace.



    Pinker is a favorite. Rationality does not just seem scarce. It is scarce.



    Race is a Spectrum. Sex Is pretty damn Binary, by Richard Dawkins.

    In fairness to Dawkins, he didn’t drag up this topic again unprovoked. But the entire article is so painfully fucking naïve.

    If you’d asked me if sex was binary two decades ago, I’d have said ‘yes’ without hesitation. If you asked me today, I’d probably say “Well…” followed by a pause. What has changed in that time? It wasn’t my views on sex.

    Binary categorization of sex in humans is meaningful and useful. But it also becomes misleading for someone with very limited scientific literacy. And when “sex is binary” is being puked out ad nauseum by anti-trans bigots who seem to think that discredits trans identities, were are often not talking about the most scientifically literate crowd. And that is the space we have to live in, but Dawkins (on this specific issue) does not.

    The public discourse on trans rights is, perhaps, overly complex if not downright broken. And there are many reasons for this, some of which are better than others. But Dawkins seems to be stepping into this conversation as if he’d just stepped out of a time machine from twenty years ago. Problematically, this sort of article ends to regress an already fraught conversation (if it can be called a conversation) rather than move it forward.

    It is absolutely Dawkins right to write it, but sometimes I wish people with his level of platform could just say when it comes to tans identities they don’t know what the fuck they are talking about, and seeing as it’s such a shit storm already, maybe it would be better if they didn’t weigh in so publicly.


    Simon Paynton

    Surely sex is binary but gender is a continuum or spectrum.

    I have respect for Richard Dawkins but I find some of his pronouncements crass and ignorant and embarrassing.




    Very good. Since there are so many millions of victims of “The Religion of Peace/Pieces” perhaps a better way of doing justice to all of them might be a tattoo of the Arabic script for Kuffir (“Unbeliever”) or Lan Astaslem (“I Will Not Submit.”)

    Now that I have my thoughts together regarding dissenters against Red China and Emperor X & Minions, I just gotta say it:

    Anyone doxxing, stalking, harassing, threatening, or initiating violence against anyone for politics, religion, or immutable traits or any other reason should be grounds for instant expulsion from any college or university in a civilized society. And any foreign student doing these things should be grounds for yanking visas and expulsion from the nation.

    The Deans and Administrators of campuses messed up big not cracking down on violent protests in the 1960s, and they messed up big granting tenure to Herbert Marcuse and others who brought us the notions of “repressive tolerance,” Critical Theory of all flavors, Political Correctness, and Wokeness. All of this made campuses the last place where anyone would want to speak their mind.

    The leaders of the Western World messed up when they refused to condemn, sanction, boycott, embargo, and even strike back at Ayatollah Khomeini of Islamic Iran when he declared a death fatwa against Salman Rusdie for his book The Satanic Verses. President Bush, “Little Danny” Quayle, Margaret Thatcher, The Archbishop of Canterbury, and several Popes all took the side of totalitarian repression here and it haunts us to this day.

    Taken together, this has emboldened Emperor Xi & Minions to take their repression of dissent beyond The Middle Kingdom to our shores.

    At some point, we as a nation have to ask if the juice Nixon made by opening the doors to Red China is worth the squeeze, especially when it is innocent lives getting the squeeze.


    I think you will enjoy the first few minutes of this post – the question posed, Shirley Williams answer and then the reply from Hitchens – the first 4 minutes but you could watch some more as it is all quite good.



    Surely sex is binary but gender is a continuum or spectrum.

    Yes. And that’s a perfectly reasonable statement for most people to make with the ordinary understanding that nature is full of anomalies.

    What happens in the context of discussions on trans identities is ideologues lock down on “There is only male or female and I won’t deny biology for someone’s feelings,” when in fact that isn’t biology; it’s dogmatic stupidity. It forgets that the binary is merely a useful classification and distorts it into something absolutist and divorced from the natural phenomenon it actually seeks to describe.

    I have respect for Richard Dawkins but I find some of his pronouncements crass and ignorant and embarrassing.

    He’s made his reputation off of being an intellectual and an expert in his academic field as well as, of course, his critique of certain religious ideology. Strangely, that robs him of the ability to just speak like an average joe and just be dumb about things like the rest of us. Whether he intends to speak as an expert or not, the public will treat him like an expert speaker especially if it relates to biology. But of course, he can’t be an expert in all things, neither can he be perfect.

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