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Sunday School August 4th 2019

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    Congressman Jared Huffman who is creeped out when the cabinet prays came up with a good line when asked if he thought Trump is a secret atheist; said: “I think he’s a narcissist. He worships himself.”

    Parents in England have had enough of schools breaching the human rights of their children while in Alabama parents ask the FFRF to assist when a school tries to unlawfully indoctrinate children at the start of the school term. Our unalienable rights include freedom of and from religion.

    Today we give thanks as right-wing evangelicals are driving Americans to atheism. But can 40% of U.S. adults still really be creationists?

    Marianne Williamson explains her magical thinking. Does she now party like an existentialist?

    The next big religious freedom case for SCOTUS.

    This weeks Woo: Why lie detector tests can’t be trusted.

    Climate Crisis: 40 years ago, scientists predicted climate change. And hey, they were right.

    Secularism; its history and future and its false demonization.

    An empirical study: Questions you should never ask an Atheist.

    Dear Sister: I am an Atheist.

    The odds are that we are not as good with statistics as we think we are. And then I learn that the Hubble Constant isn’t a constant at all!

    A new map of the Milky Way has been produced.

    Life after death but maybe not for all lifeforms.

    The Iron Age Celtic woman buried in a tree trunk.

    Any decent anthropologist knows about gin, sex and malaria. Its enough to lead them to hypersanity.

    I think I will go to Saonara, Italy on holidays where they believe in a vengeful god that allowed bears to maul children to death or so my t-shirt says in Italian.

    Long Read: The Bible – So misunderstood it’s a sin.

    This week I am reading this book: The Scientific Attitude.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil…..

    Coffee Break Video:  Hitchens comes back from the dead to debate Jordan Peterson. Enjoy! How a Secular State protects a pluralist society – Michael Nugent of Atheist Ireland. Michelle Thaller on communicating Science at a Maniac Lecture. Would you let a scientist like her speak to your schoolchildren about Science?


    Have a great week everyone!!

    “If god doesn’t like the way I live, Let him tell me, not you.”

    – Anon.



    Thanks, Reg!


    As always you are very welcome Strega.




    Unfortunately that was my first thought yesterday but not the first time I thought it. It was only a matter of time before another right-wing nutjob did his duty because the rhetoric pushed his weak mind over the line.




    its only going to get worse



    Odd that it’s always a young man.  Are there young women mass shooter/domestic terrorists?


    Glen D

    Huff Post US this morning;  An elected democrat of some kind has blamed Trump for the recent mass shootings, because he foments racism and hatred.

    Now, Trump  is the bloody president! There should be outrage at a person saying such a thing. But there is not. Something is very wrong.


    Why is Trump still president?

    .    He wouldn’t never to be Prime Minister in Oz. Here people  do not vote for a Prime Minister. That person is simply an elected politician who is the leader of the party winning an election. He/she can be, and often is, removed as party leader, and therefore  Prime Minister, by the party. This has happened six times in the last decade>three times in each party.



    Odd that it’s always a young man. Are there young women mass shooter/domestic terrorists?

    Here is a database. For the over 110 mass shooting attacks I see only 3 or 4 females were directly involved. The average age is 35. The frequency is about three times higher now when compared to previous decades. Many were copycats and many actually announce their intent.

    A Guide to Mass Shootings in America

    Inside the Race to Stop the Next Mass Shooter




    I think I will go to Saonara, Italy on holidays where they believe in a vengeful god that allowed bears to maul children to death or so my t-shirt says in Italian.

    I wonder if I would be fined for blasphemy against Baphomet? After all he is a goat!


    I used to wear t-shirts printed with some of the best worst Biblical verses in the hope of being accused of blasphemy and reported to the police. Got into some great rows over a couple of years but could not get myself arrested 🙁


    I read this earlier today…Of 114 mass shootings in the US between 1982 and May 2019, 110 were carried out by men.

    America must ban violent video games and social media and mental health issues or it will keep happening!!

    Oh wait we have all of those things in Ireland too. In fact many nations do. I wonder if something else is behind it?





    I wonder if something else is behind it?

    It has to be a combination of genetic evolution and culture, and imo the only possible mitigation is improved self-awareness and education in the culture. And/or until we’re good at improving our culture, perhaps some of the more enlightened parents can prefer female embryos to male!

    (Guys, you know you’d like that. Girls, we need more of you to get into politics and help run the world. Sorry.)

    It’s no one’s “fault” but Mother Nature’s. Well, and vengeful gods, btw the vast majority of which are male.



    The only thing most US states don’t have that the rest of the civilized developed world does is realistic gun regulations. Not necessarily bans (though it never hurts) but some restrictions, registration, safety education, safe storage (especially with children), background checks, waiting periods, random inspections, proficiency tests, gun limits etc. The number of guns in circulation is far far far less relevant than the regulations and proper enforcement. A mass shooting in Canada and New Zealand is a total rarity. The response is more regulation. It is a weekly occurrence in the U.S. and the response has often been, by a large number of people: MORE GUNS! Otherwise rational people become imbeciles when bullets are involved. As with vaccines and climate-change.

    Yes. More guns is the obvious answer just like giving every country an atom bomb will make the world safe.

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