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Sunday School January 13th 2019

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    Simon Paynton

    Enjoy the “Condor moment” lol


    If anyone has any, Ebeneezer has.



    Didn’t know what Vera Lin was until Pink Floyd sang the song. Great acoustic guitar in that one.  For those atheists living in La La land it’s on the album The Wall

    Reg: May as well start tipping that bottle   No Brexit! What happens now?



    What happens now? A border of any description between the Northern Ireland and the Republic would  be a social and economic disaster as most commentators suggest.  Nobody is willing to mention what most people in Ireland fear and what most English politicians and many Brexit voters never considered……the return of the IRA. As Gerry Adams once said, “They haven’t gone away, you know?”  I mean they were away training FARC guerrillas in Columbia or in Libya and other terrorist hot spots.

    The irony is most British people want rid of Northern Ireland and most Irish people want them to keep it!!

    I drove to Belfast recently. There is no visible sign of a border. Even the old “Sniper at work” road signs are gone! It is only after a time that you notice the road signs are in MPH, not KPH. But without a border crossing, emigrants from Eastern Europe can legally enter Ireland, get a bus to Belfast (a non EU city) and then a ferry to England. This means Britain does not have control of its borders – one of the main reasons they voted to leave the EU.

    If they do have a border between north \ south Ireland, it will need passport control  -not the terms of the Good Friday peace agreement. They could have entry check points at English ports but then Northern Irish Unionists would have to produce their British passports when moving around Britain!! That won’t work either.

    For the record  – Vera Lynn is  cockney rhyming slang for “skins”…or cigarette rolling papers…so peace… That is all that matters.



    all on Dolores O’Riordan’s death date


    Simon Paynton

    “live in the present”

    “Slow down.”


    Simon Paynton

    so flimsy as to be laughable

    But what exactly does Gödel imagine the being of God is like?  We can imagine that there is a being who is most moral/ethical, most knowing, most powerful, most this, most that, etc., but so what?  This doesn’t mean that a being actually exists, ever has done, or ever will, that possesses all of those attributes, or if it does, there is no reason to say that this being is God the creator of the universe and everything in it.  The being of God would have to exist somehow beyond our universe.


    Simon Paynton

    What did the computer prove, exactly?  That God exists?  I must have missed that one.

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