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Sunday School January 15th 2023.

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    The 2022 State of the Secular States report.

    Christian missionaries target the birthplace of Buddha in Nepal.

    70% of secular Jewish Israelis feel threatened by new government.

    Holy Fvck Demi! You have offended four people in the UK!!  All four are now being prayed for so no need to worry about them.

    In Canada, a member of the religion of peace calls on his imaginary Allah to kill atheists.

    Atheist group demands Indiana sheriff end coercive inmate baptisms.

    World of Woo: The online ‘hierarchy of credibility’ that fuels influencers like Andrew Tate.

    Environment: Flooding in California – what comes next?

    Under Kevin McCarthy the Conspiracy Theory Congress has two years to wage war on reality.

    The illusion of choice in what we believe.

    Old mice grow young again in study. Can people do the same?

    Atheism as a conclusion.

    How can we comprehend the size of the Universe?

    Long Reads: Has the Amazon reached Its ‘Tipping Point’? In Idaho, faith healers are still killing people. Keeping Up with the Congressional Kardashians. Is campus free speech dead? A Puritanical assault on the English language.

    Podcast: A episode of The Scathing Atheist.

    Sunday Book Club: The Case against Reality: How Evolution hid the truth from our eyes.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil……

    Coffee Break Video:  The most successful Scientific Theory ever: The Standard Model. Do we all deserve a second shot at life? Sir Roger Penrose & William Lane Craig • The Universe: How did it get here & why are we part of it? (90 minutes).


    Have a great week everyone!



    Thanks Reg!!!




    It looks like MEMRI TV has more stones than the BBC. MEMRI TV showed the old goat Imam Kahtrada in all his hateful bombast, but the BBC couldn’t bring themselves to actually show the offending visual of Demi Lavato on the cross bed. I had to go digging for it.

    This is definitely not the Perfect Sleeper by Serta that Susan Anton advertised years ago!

    I just hope for her sake Demi deloused herself and the studio set that raunchy-looking bed ablaze! Kill it with fire!! 😱🪲🔥



    In Canada, a member of the religion of peace calls on his imaginary Allah to kill atheists.

    He’s probably afraid that his brand of religion is losing grip on the younger generations (which is likely correct). Even in parts of Canada with relatively high Muslim populations, to only associate with Muslims would be rather limiting and too isolating for most.

    Younger Muslims are naturally going to want social acceptance amongst their peer groups which will be made up of people holding far more varied beliefs. And social acceptance generally relies on some measure of social compromise, which means if you want to be a religious hardliner who disdains or outright condemns everyone around them, you’re shit outta luck.

    The problem is not that this Imam’s extreme stance is likely to radicalize the average person. The problem is in nearly any demographic of a decent size, you have a small percentage more susceptible to extremism. Feeding such people imagery that their piety can be reinforced by vilifying the world around them is a recipe for disaster.


    Simon Paynton

    World of Woo: The online ‘hierarchy of credibility’ that fuels influencers like Andrew Tate.

    This is an interesting article.

    Every example of unethical government behaviour undermines any illusion that political elites are morally and intellectually superior to the people they lead and contributes to a decline in public faith.

    But did young men ever learn from or listsen to politicians about how to treat women?  I don’t think they did.  Young people are especially lost and clueless about life, and hungry for leadership.  When I was young, I was mad on Crass, the punk band.  They appealed to my anti-authoritarian side, which is something a lot of younger people have.

    Sociologist Howard Becker’s hierarchy of credibility suggests a way to determine who defines reality and what the truth should be. It is grounded in the principle that those belonging to the highest-ranking social groups have the authority and the credibility to define and decipher events.

    This sounds reasonable.  Andrew Tate makes himself look plausible and attractive by making lots of money and having big cars and talking the big talk.  Exactly how does this godawful narcissist attract so many followers?

    I think he appeals to humanity’s and especially young men’s anti-social, aggressive side.  We all have it; we all have to manage it as part of living an ethical and morally balanced life.  He reinforces the tendency in young men to be aggressive towards females they are attracted to, as a defense mechanism against fear and anxiety.

    Apparently 40% of people have a significant “dark” personality profile; 40% of people aren’t too bright; 40% of the American public voted for Donald Trump.  Not all Trump supporters are stupid and horrible.  But “populism” means “lowest common denominator”.



    World of Woo: The online ‘hierarchy of credibility’ that fuels influencers like Andrew Tate.

    This is an interesting article.. Not all Trump supporters are stupid and horrible. But “populism” means “lowest common denominator”.

    The noise that the far left sometimes makes and the far right always makes is so loud and they misquote the other side, further amplifying the nonsense. Podcasts often start out as semi-reasonable and then slowly try to drag you into the hate, making any civil debate impossible.



    Fascinating article about aging. If it works with mice it will work with humans. I had read about life extension in annelids. Wasn’t sure that was dispositive for humans. But this is JJ Biggs.

    Holy fuck-the implications. Well we shall destroy ourselves before we get to that point. But there is Megan and Spanarkle, Russians and Ukranians, the next conflict, politics as usual, sports, tittie bars, amusement parks, nature and finally the big bang…




    In a world where a certain unnamed (but orange) politician gaslights so well that he nearly brought the electoral process to its knees, what’s a little misquoting and yelling? LOL

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