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Sunday School January 21th 2024

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    Countries with the highest percentage of Atheists, 2024.

    Atheists and agnostics know more about religion than believers, survey finds.

    Rep. Josh Schriver of Michigan declares he works for god and not citizens.

    US pastors struggle with post-pandemic burnout. Survey shows half considered quitting since 2020.

    There just aren’t that many young mainline Protestants in the United States anymore.

    Atheists in Kenya vouch for renewable marriage contracts.

    World of Woo:  Debunking Dr. Josh Axe’s 6-Step Liver Cleanse.

    Environment:  Climate Change deniers.

    How the fight for evolution prepared us to fight for democracy.

    Life in the Universe and another look at the Fermi Paradox.

    Do violent video games numb us towards real violence?

    Why animals shrink over time explained with new evolution theory.

    Biology vs. tech: Which moves more information per second?

    Could quantum physics be the key that unlocks the secrets of human behavior?

    Long Reads: Speaker Johnson is deeply entwined with Christian Nationalists that seek to transform America’s secular democracy into an authoritarian theocracy. An Atheist Chaplain and a Death Row inmate’s final hours. Lost Highway, the trials of trucking school.

    Sunday Book Club: How Minds Change.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil……

    Coffee Break Video: Is consciousness an illusion? A new supercomputer will mimic the human brain. 10 Questions PRO-Palestinians Can’t Answer (Can You Prove Me Wrong?).


    Have a great week!



    re:Life in the Universe: It’s either everywhere or nowhere….

    Just wondering if the scientist who bet a bottle of whisky that we will find extraterrestrials in the next 15 years even understands basic probability?



    Thank you, Reg!!


    @_Robert_  and another bottle if we have nuclear fusion within 30 years….because it’s always 30 years away!

    Remember the old W.C. Fields quip? “I always keep some whiskey handy in case I see a snake…which I also keep handy.”



    Palestine 39 percent atheists?


    Imagine how heads will roll when the Islamists of the moment find out!


    Ireland 60% but I am not yet finished 🙂



    re:Life in the Universe: It’s either everywhere or nowhere…. Just wondering if the scientist who bet a bottle of whisky that we will find extraterrestrials in the next 15 years even understands basic probability?

    Admittedly, this reply somewhat oblique, but this expert explains how it’s perfectly plausible that we are alone in the universe, not only in terms of intelligent life but in terms of there being life at all.



    Ugh an utter dog shit video on Palestine-Israel. This topic brings out the nutjobbery, fallacies, brain-farts, bigotry, reverse bigotry and ugliness from both sides all the time. You simply cannot avoid nonsense videos by both Pro-Israeli and Pro-Palestinian people trying to justify the unjustifiable and discredit the other side through utterly dog-shit reasoning, manipulative arguments, emotive horse-shit and claims of anti-semitism and islamophobia, while denying their own bigotry. Even sunday school is not immune.



    That video is quite good. Most importantly he persuasively argues what is patently obvious to anyone who is not under the spell of the far left or otherwise propagandized-the anti Israel sentiment is an expression of anti Jewish racism and outstandingly hypocritical. There are exceptions of course.

    My only issue in his ten points is his take on genocide. I think his argument there sucks. The fact that numbers of Palestinians are increasing in no way is proof against genocide. It is an indication that Jews are not akin to Germans in the second world war but so what? Instead he should have defined genocide and contrasted the allegations against the historical precedent including the genocide in Darfur not long ago and in progress again. Targeting a specific Black tribe with the goal of liquidating them and of course it gets virtually no coverage. I don’t even have to do the what if they were….who were committing that genocide, do i?

    The endless and tired hatred of Jews just will not quit and as i asserted from the outset of our discussions nothing fundamentally stable will emerge in the middle east as long as Islam is dominant. Following is evidence that i am correct. Listen to this brave Egyptian author describe the aftermath of the attack by Hamas. If you want to get to the meat go to 10 minutes and listen from there.




    The U.S. is 43% Atheist??? I’d like to see the metric that this survey uses. Does it count every newborn? Or does it require a specific statement of either unbelief or positive assertion of no God? Either way, they are very well hid.

    As for Ireland, I think the Priests and Government have probably got you beat on creating Atheists.😁



    Reg, Davis, and Jake,

    To paraphrase the great Atheist Denis Diderot, neither “Palestine” nor anywhere else in the Middle East will be free until the last Dictator is strangled with the entrails of the last Mullah.

    And might I add, until every mosque is a dance hall and skating rink, every church is an observatory and art museum, and every synagogue is a boutique and cat-walk!

    And until there’s a Six Flags Over Mecca and Medina, A Whole New Walt Disney World in Tehran, and A New Las Vegas in Jerusalem!

    Until that day, Oren in the video is stating simple facts. Not only are Jews and Israel the usual scapegoats, but the people called “Palestinians” are also victims of Hamas, not beneficiaries! None of them would be homeless, injured, or dead if Hamas had not committed it’s pogrom on October 7, 2023!

    And people of all kinds in the West just trying to get to work and get through a damn day are sick to death of “Pro-Palestine” protesters blocking streets and bridges, vandalizing businesses, and flash-mobbing Jewish students in universities! None of this is peaceful free expression but flat-out Nihilism! Cow-catchers, LRAD devices, and turrets need to be the latest features for automobiles!

    A boy can dream, can’t he?



    Right on Enco,

    The garbage that the Islamic religion professes turns its adherents into something way less than animals. And for certain the hatred for the other tribe goes on and on, century after century. With their fucking hats and robes, holy books and special meals. They act like different species, yet they worship the same ill-conceived Canaanite gawd. Every dead woman, man and bloody child is a glorious martyr.

    And nobody dares to blame precious religion. No, let’s instead blame racism, poverty, “the U.S., of course”, the Brits, culture, elitism, antisemitic conspiracies, pro-semitic conspiracies…the list goes on and on. Hamas and their Ayatollah war-lords take their orders directly from god and scripture. It is clear as glass. This is not the complicated situation every apologetic makes it out to be. If they were gone, so would the war and most of the troubles be gone.


    Some years ago, I was manning the Atheist Ireland information table with a few colleagues on the main street in Dublin. We would always let people approach us rather than stopping them on the street. Same approach as the Jehovah Witness trinity beside us. On our left a Free Palestine group began setting up their own table. It was soon joined by a bunch of students, some wearing the Palestinian keffiyeh or black and white scarf, others wearing the Guy Fawkes ‘Anonymous’ mask. I guess about 15 of them.

    They started getting very noisy and began to spill over into our group. I asked them to please stop invading our space as we were here first 🙂 They then realized we were an atheist group and one of them told me I should read the Koran and convert to Islam and get involved in a real struggle. I asked this Irish idiot what the Surah Al-Fatiha was about. (Like asking a Christian to name the first book in the OT). He had no idea what I was talking about. He said he was learning Arabic and would study it then. I replied in Arabic that “Arabic is a very difficult language to learn”. He looked even more confused. An older Palestinian in their group looked at me and started laughing. He apologized and got them to move up a few yards.



    @Enco – I would think that 43% is accurate. Almost all the Americans I know are atheists. I have friends in CA, GA, and NY and I am struggling to think of any that would be religious.  I sometimes work with a guy from rural Alabama who is an ex-marine. He is a militant atheist and said almost all his squad were atheists. That surprised me. I think we think that there are more theists than there are because of how vocal and well-funded they are. Even the few I do know to be regular church attendees are not evangelical in any way.

    Yes, the priests and nuns are doing the promotional work in Ireland for atheism. They are a dying breed.

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