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Sunday School June 11th 2023

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    Hundreds of Protestants attended a trial in Nuremberg given by ChatGPT, which told them not to fear death. What a stupid thing to tell people who already think that they are saved from death.

    FFRF lauds poll showing half of Americans lack confidence in God’s existence.

    UN committee urges an end to faith-based selection in schools.

    I spoke ill of Pat Robertson for years so I won’t stop now. No need to mince words when they can speak for themselves. The caliber of the children he spewed forth leaves much to be desired.

    I hope this bill for non-religious recovery treatments gets passed in New York and elsewhere.

    Will all taxpayers in Oklahoma be forced to fund the indoctrination of Catholics who make up less that 10% of the State’s population? It is a blatant violation of the First Amendment and also Oklahoma state law.

    More Latino Americans are discarding their religion.

    Christianity’s horniest fanfic finally gets banned to help protect children. Don’t stop now!

    Do we all need religion?

    World of Woo: The UFO nothingburger.

    Environment: El Niño and what it means for our weather. It has already started…..

    Richard Dawkins on evidence-based life.

    In search of the first branch on the Tree of Life and the lingering effects of Neanderthal DNA found in modern humans.

    Asking for forgiveness from a god is lazy.

    Ten facts about the Milky Way galaxy.

    The illusion of a decline in morality.

    Jesus, immersed in piss.

    Long Reads: AI will save the World. Gender’s Truth-Distortion Field. String theory under fire. What does “Scientific Progress” mean, anyway?

    Sunday Book Club: The Biggest Ideas in the Universe: Space, Time, and Motion.

    Some photographs taken last week.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil……

    Coffee Break Video:  Alan Watts on religion. AC Grayling speech on ‘Proving Atheism’. Pat Robertson’s toxic legacy.  Short video of the Tree of Life with David Attenborough.


    Have a great week everyone!



    Thanks Reg!



    Gender’s Truth-Distortion Field.

    Despite the use of links throughout, it’s not a well supported piece. For instance:

    Needless to say, this kind of finding runs directly at odds with the message that the only problem afflicting transgender-presenting children is the soul-crushing effect of transphobia.

    The findings in the article don’t indicate that though. It’s also not really what trans rights advocates state. I don’t understand why people who know relatively little keep needing to generate more articles on this. We don’t need more noise: we need more actual data.




    I spoke ill of Pat Robertson for years so I won’t stop now. No need to mince words when they can speak for themselves. The caliber of the children he spewed forth leaves much to be desired.

    Today is a wonderful day to line up the Fleet Enemas and matchbox caskets! And cue up the N’awlins Jazz band to play “The Worms Crawl In, The Worms Crawl Out!” 😁

    Last night, I learned of the death of yet another enemy of Reason, Freedom, and Progress! Good riddance to bad rubbish, both Pat and Ted and all like them!

    Unabomber Ted Kaczynski found dead in federal prison in North Carolina
    Adam Wagner and Dan Kane, The News & Observer – Yesterday 3:49 PM


    Today is a wonderful day to line up the Fleet Enemas and matchbox caskets!

    Indeed. Anytime I hear Falwell mentioned, I grin. 🙂


    We don’t need more noise: we need more actual data.

    I agree but I do think that over time the articles on the subject are generating a little more light and a little less heat that they used to.  And yes, if the overnight experts took a step back it would help.



    I agree but I do think that over time the articles on the subject are generating a little more light and a little less heat that they used to.

    I am not sure what light you’re referring to. Incidentally, some of the links throughout that article weren’t bad. The one I referenced, for instance, is a scientific publication looking at comorbidity with gender dysphoria and where there have been gaps in research and long term follow up. If someone wanted to share that article couched in more approachable language, I see how that could be valuable. But to editorialize it with erroneous statements… what’s the value exactly?

    Likewise with presenting Zucker’s approach. Zucker did make contributions to how trans care for children and minors has evolved, but there are reasons his approach was largely abandoned over time. The article just sort of side-steps that. Furthermore, the allegations of conversion therapy were based on practices where gender non-conforming children were encouraged to adopt the norms of their sex assigned at birth. There’s a whole history there and while an essay of this breadth and length can’t cover it all, it can cover it with more balanced consideration. At the very least, it could have chosen a more honest title.

    My point here isn’t that essays of this nature shouldn’t exist, but that there is a great deal of responsibility in writing them, and sadly I am not sure many are up to the task. It’s not strictly a them versus us situation (since it’s clear I am on one side of the line here). If the article calls out anything fairly it’s that sensationalism within trans rights movements has its issues, some which have come to bite us in the ass.

    For instance, suicide/ suicidal ideation is a major point raised regarding trans care, and to some extent it had to be because the sensationalism was necessary to gain platform. Cis people tend not to understand that the point of treating gender dysphoria is to treat gender dysphoria even if that can’t guarantee the degree of improvement we’d like along all psycho-social considerations. But if you say that suicidal ideation and suicide attempts are elevated in the trans population unless they are given treatment, then that’s something nearly everyone understands. Unfortunately, sensationalism breeds reductivism and now suicide risk features far too heavily in the conversation.

    I could keep writing on this topic for hours and not make a dent, but honestly, I’m too tired of it all. I don’t know how the average person is supposed to sort out fact from fiction here any more. I don’t know if ‘less heat’ really makes that better. If bigotry were always frothing at the mouth, it would be easier, but when it’s presented in a more reasonable package, it naturally seems much more reasonable than it would with extensive digging (the likes of which most people cannot do even if they wanted to).


    Belle Rose

    My 2cents:

    My entire life I was always in relationships with men. Never attracted to women whatsoever. Not sexually, I had lots of female friends but I never wanted to date any of them.

    Then one day I met “that woman.” She was more “like a guy” than a woman. I never laughed harder with anyone in my life. We had a vibe together like a motherfucker. And I really struggled with the idea of being in a relationship with a woman. It look me a long time to come to terms with it for myself.

    Our relationship was so many extremes. And I excused a lot of thing because she was a woman and in many ways I thought of her more like a homegirl ( friend), but our sexual chemistry was out-of-this-world amazing.

    This the first time I’ve talked about her on this forum whatsoever.

    The bitch literally tried to kill me. And she’s now behind bars.

    I’ve been trying to educate MYSELF on gender related topics and sexual preferences etc. To understand her better and to understand myself better. And it’s been really hard to know what I information is “solid” and what is not.

    Im all for more actual data to understand it all better because it’s a shit show right now and I don’t really know where to turn to for “good information.”


    Belle Rose

    So yeah, more actual data would be amazing.


    Simon Paynton

    more actual data would be amazing.

    There’s this:  “No woman ‘totally straight’, study says”




    Yikes! Be careful out there, no matter how you swing! Keep yourself only for someone who treats you right.



    @Belle, damn, I’ve always thought of you as a dynamic person, even a dynamo, and it’s fun to hear from you. You must be wise as hell by now. 🙂 I’m serious. Thank you for passing on your experience.





    If Andres Serrano really wanted to be both blasphemous and didactic with his art work, he could have just pissed into a jar without emersing the Crucifix and still called it Piss Christ.

    He could have used the piece to convey the message that Jesus Christ never really existed.🚫✝️🧔

    And if Andres Serrano were Diabetic and his piss attracted ants, he could say that those who believe that Jesus Christ existed and is the Son of God and who clamor around to worship Him are like a thoughtless anthill collective.🐜🐜🐜

    Moreover, the existence of Diabetes shown by the ants attracted to the sugary piss is proof that humans are not “Intelligently Designed” and that a Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnibenevolent God does not exist. 🚫🌩️

    If nothing else, the piece names itself. People pass by it and say: “Ew! Piss! Christ!” 🤢

    Or, like M.C. Esher would say: “Christ! Piss! Ew!” 😁

    If this art work could actually change people’s minds about Christianity, I would have done it for free without Gummint Cheez Whiz from the National Endowment for the Arts. A more rational world would be payment enough for me. 🤔😃

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    Sorry you had to suffer that, but at least you learned a life lesson: “Love” can be very dangerous.

    Violence is common in romantic and domestic relationships and may be more common in gay/lesbian relationships. The most dangerous person in any woman’s life is the person (of either/any gender) they are in a relationship with. Indeed, the #1 cause of death among pregnant women is murder by their domestic partner.

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