Sunday School

Sunday School May 22nd 2022.

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    Autumn, having listened to some of Ricky’s conversations with Sam Harris on Absolutely Mental i get the impression he is okay and not desperate for notoriety at any cost. On the other hand he has that i don’t give a rat’s ass who i offend and if you don’t like what i have to say don’t listen attitude. Yet considering how he ponders issues it is hard to fathom how he thought that would be in good taste or a good idea. I think Harris may have asked him how he decides who to offend in his stand-up but i can’t recollect his response.



    I know that’s what he projects, but his words and his actions don’t align. He’s been making these jokes for years and getting the same criticism increasing every time he does it. It gets branded as ‘controversy’. After the Chappelle incident last year, there was no way he didn’t know this would be the result.

    When people make jokes about him on twitter, he (or his account) blocks them. Then they criticize him, he blocks them. Whatever he’s doing, it’s a game and it’s a game that nets him attention, negative and positive alike. He knows it and Netflix knows it, without ambiguity.



    (Note to Self: Avoid organized and celebrity Atheism. These people eat their own.) 📝



    There are sports where trans-related issues are or should be uncontroversial. For example, in motorsports:


Viewing 4 posts - 61 through 64 (of 64 total)

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