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Sunday School November 18th 2018

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    On being offended….

    Hitchens brother makes a very good case.



    Davis, I am proud to be an American and our Bush beer is the best beer in the world. Jesus is gonna come back and open a can of whip-ass on you, you devil worshiper. Euro-pussies can keep there beer over their, that shit is black as hell. -bubba

    I unreservedly apologise for the offence I have caused. These last 12 hours have given me an opportunity to think about the pain that white American men feel when they are victimised and oppressed by ill-intention criticism by the privileged few who hate Americans and wish America to never be great again. During this time I’ve come to realise that there is no excuse, no apology and nothing I can say to undo the hurt I’ve caused. I will continue to reflect on my slight and help educated others to the harm that can be caused by rash and badly said offences about the very shockingly low quality of American beer.  I will also donate $500,000 USD to the Straight White American Men safe space, a modestly sized cabin next to the Baltimore Orioles  baseball stadium, where other people like you have been unfairly traumatised by the stigma of bad beverage production and other derogatory stereotypes…at the hands of European pussies.

    Once again, I am unreservedly sorry and I wish you nothing but the best in your road to traumatic recovery.

    So sorry


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    It might be hard for all you all living in liberal, secular areas to imagine how bad it has gotten in some places the last few years. I keep to myself now, trapped financially, but hoping to retire soon. Even if one’s country is shite right now, nobody likes to have it trashed. Especially if you are stereo-typed to death. I do think the US is morally / intellectually / politically inferior to Europe at this point in time. Stuck in a mentality that was ushered-in by the post war USSR threat. Stuck in the 1950’s. That is where we have regressed to on a timeline. It’s a nostalgia for a simpler time. However don’t “misunderestimate” the US. No other country has our diversity. We will be back. I am seeing small signs of it already in the newer generation….eventually a grand secular humanistic society based on rationality, forward thinking with an appreciation of diversity and the arts will emerge. I hope.





    I am seriously thinking about relocating to the US. My American friends (all atheists) in Ireland are trying to talk me out of it 🙂 “Dude, are you crazy”!



    It’s interesting how decades ago, most Christian churches had no problem with abortion and the NRA supported gun control (as something obvious). Somehow over time evangelical nut jobs became influential in politics and many Americans have suffered ever since with hysterical ranting over issues that only become issues when some fundamentalist lunatics started saying it was an issue screeching and railing against non-problems with usually Republicans despite not caring, lap it up and get a lot of support. To keep your base you have to spread fear and to some extent hate and dehumanisation of others, offer a solution but continuously generate new problems.

    I think this is at the heart of some of the more baffling attitudes some people have towards non-issues.

    Having said that, the USA excels in a few important areas, for me the most important being absolute free speech. Nothing like it exists in Europe/Canada/Australia/NZ/Jamaica/S.Africa etc. As long as your don’t break another law in the process, you can say whatever you want, and adults being mature have to handle that criticism because they are, adults. Of course you may pay a social cost for it, but the government isn’t going to come and fine you. In Spain we have some shockingly ridiculous free speech laws in which gross insults result in fines and even possible jail sentences. In the UK, hate speech laws can be so abused to the point that simply honking your horn at a  slow car with a black driver can be construed as hate speech. That’s not to say these countries are supressive or that the media is controlled…only that personal feelings of insult and lack of respect can win over expression of opinion.

    Something else American’s do very well is generating culture. Ranging from pop-cheesy-stupid shows to extra high quality artistic creations, all of which is enjoyed around the world. A striking feature of most American books/films/TV etc is that there are usually humanist approaches to problems (especially with racism, sexism, homofobia etc) even if that doesn’t reflect how voters vote during election or people’s attitudes when surveyed or interviewed. That kind of progress through artistic example can be lacking in other countries where many works of art/tv/literature/music are morally vague, existentialist, nihilist, dark, depressing and full out postmodern. Seen a good Canadian or Belgian film recently? Yeah…me neither, I don’t even know the names of any films in the last 10 years. Read an uplifting and ethically consistent Australian book recently? What’s that? You’ve never even heard of an Australian book?

    Also very strong sense of innovation, research and development.

    Also…whisky is good.


    Sometimes people don’t even know how inconsistent their rage is, even with “non problems”. For example, Christian attitudes towards stem cell research and IVF treatment.

    Embryonic stem cells have the ability to become stem cells that can be of great value to medical researchers in developing cures with potential for muscle or nerve regrowth without having to sacrifice the potential life of any embryos. Most Christians are completely against this.

    At the same time many of these same people will pay for IVF treatment in order to conceive without caring or not even being aware that 2 or 3 viable embryos are “sacrificed” each time a treatment is successful. explore more here.

    I agree with all you say about free speech. As the “offended” link a few posts up says Free Speech does not endow a right not to be offended. There is definitely a “creep” towards allowing “how it makes me feel” to carry weight in de-platforming speakers from being heard on campus. Re-linked video of Peter Hitchens (yes, his brother) at 6:35.

    And this from Bill Maher.


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