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Sunday School October 21th 2018

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    The US Dept. Of Justice begins its investigation into crimes against humanity committed by the Catholic Church. See also the video at the end of post.

    The hellfire and brimstone rhetoric of Evangelical Christians is cooling much to the chagrin of its leaders. The good news is that things will get worse for them. Some are only pretend Christians anyway.

    While it is not news to most atheists, it is worth remembering that organized religion can often lead to mental health problems. Even incessant Christmas music can be bad for our mental health. No shit Sherlock!

    The crucifix in Quebec’s National Assembly is not a religious symbol as it just represents Christian values. Murdering people by nailing them to a tree is an impressive value to cherish.

    Further adventures with the Ark in the park lark.

    I recently ended a debate with a theist when he insisted that the Sun is not a star. I must be stupid. I didn’t even know there is evidence that dinosaurs were killed by confederates during the Civil War. Just goes to show my intellectual character! But at least today nothing is blocking my sun as I sit back and enjoy an apple. Yes, I do dare disturb the Universe.

    Freedom from Religion.

    Atheist Ireland has campaigned for several years to have the Irish Blasphemy law changed. We will vote “Yes” this coming Friday to remove it from the constitution. I will miss trying to get arrested for causing offense to religious beliefs. Of course I will continue to do so!

    This weeks’ Woo: The Polygraph Lie Detector test.

    Climate Change: It is exacerbating world conflicts according to the Red Cross.

    I tend to give books as presents. Never a Christian published one though! You got time for another true story?

    Our Solar System is even stranger than we thought. I sometimes observe that my cat may grasp this weird reality as it stares intently at nothing.

    The 2018 Ig Nobel prize for anthropology.

    What is Einstein’s “God Letter”?

    If you would like to help fund Humanists International click here.

    What good is Evolutionary Psychology?

    10 ways the world might end (well, it is a wet Sunday here).

    Some photographs taken last week.

    We pause to remember: Mary Midgley.

    While you are waiting for the kettle to boil…..

    Coffee Break Video:  This one is an audio with Sam Harris, Bill Maher and Larry Charles. Start at 23:10. Two men confront the Catholic priest who abused them. Why might we feel an emotional attachment to robots?


    Have a great week everyone!!



    Thanks, Reg!



    Well yeah, I mean down here we are know that the South lost the war because  Johnny Reb was busy fighting all those pterodactyls. Holy fuck what is going on these days? I was talking to some myth believers last week and realized the rift between their thought process and mine is unsurmountable, It’s just no use engaging with believers on a WIDE variety of topics.


    Robert the next generation won’t even be able to blame Hillary Clinton!!!



    I really couldn’t predict that the election of a black intellectual US president would result in such a radical backlash of idiotic behavior.


    Simon Paynton

    Here in the UK it’s being said that it was the financial crash that caused the anti-establishment backlash.

    I also think that Obama forgot about the white working class.  Also, the white protestant evangelicals.


    I have no problem with political backlashes that disrupt the status quo. This can be a good thing. But it seems to me that many of those wanting change don’t know what they want that change to look like except for some vague collective memory of “the good old days”. They just followed the first person that sounded different. How they fell for the ruse that Trump actually cares for steel workers, farmers or Evangelicals is beyond me. It is just that the anti-establishment is only realizing this now. Being anti-Establishment should not mean being anti-Science, anti-progress and anti-intellectual. But that is what they must become if they want the “good old days” back. They are never coming back, thankfully, except maybe for a few death throe gasps. The idea that Rees-Mogg, the hard line ring leader of a minority hard line Brexit group within the Conservative party has now a distinct possibility of becoming PM is crazy. I find his vision for Britain very “un-British”.







    Simon Paynton

    I think it’s not a bad thing if Trump shakes everything up.  At least he makes the opposition crystallise their ideas.


    If Beto O’Rourke were to win in Texas and this story about Rick Scott gains a foothold in Florida we could be at a turning point after the mid-terms.

    Imagine this scary scenario in a post Brexit world? OK, I will agree it does seem exaggerated but so did many other recent political outcomes.

    We just need to find a way to get the lunatics back into their rooms.


    You are very welcome Clearsky.


    Robert – those pterodactyls taste like chicken. I prefer succulent fronkey meat.



    I once played bass in a band that covered….


    Nice one Robert. I wonder if any gods think this song is about them?


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